At Salsabor, we believe family and friendship is everything. It brings people together, builds confidence, encourages achievement and inspires courage to try something new.

It’s why Raquel started Salsabor over 11 years ago, why Andrea came on-board as a co-director, and why the whole Paez family is involved with the school.

“We wanted to create a safe and welcoming space at the Salsabor studios for people to come together to learn, be passionate, develop life-long friendships, be healthy, be 100 per cent themselves and sometimes even find love,” Raquel and Andrea said. “Although, we were thinking love of dance initially; love leading to life-long partnerships was a very positive side-effect!”

Both Raquel and Andrea found love through dance and many of their students have found love too as we’ve shared here, here and here. Incredible friendships have begun and flourished, generations of families have come together to find health through dance, and personal confidence has blossomed with students becoming instructors and going on to perform and win dance championships. Something they never imagined when they first started.

“We are incredibly proud that with our vision we have attracted people who believe what we do and are as dedicated and passionate about Salsabor as we are,” Raquel said.

“Yes, we dance and share our love of our Latin heritage, but it is the family, friendship and community that makes what we do possible and what inspires us every day.” It is no surprise then that these are the driving values of Salsabor.

“At our team planning day earlier in the year the Salsabor team came together to define the values that drove us,” Andrea said. “We wanted to share them with you today so you could see exactly what we stand for and why we value you above all.”

Because it is YOU after all that makes Salsabor great.


Family – We look after and support each other

Family is the backbone of Salsabor. We put each other first, support and believe in each other, and always work together as a team. Family is from where we started and how we see all of our students, instructors and community. When you dance with us, you become part of the family.

Confidence – We believe in ourselves and each other

With everything we do we want to instill confidence. We want to make it easy for you to succeed and go after whatever you seek to do in life. We do what we say we’ll do and we want you to feel like you can do whatever you decide to do too.

Achievement – We seek to better ourselves

When we achieve our confidence grows. Through support, belief and encouragement we want to help you achieve all of your goals and feel confident in what you do.

Inspiration – We uplift ourselves and others

We constantly seek ways to inspire and uplift ourselves, our family and our community. We inspire through our actions and how we are in everything we do.

Friendship – We come from a place of friendship

Coming from a place of friendship is as important as making our community feel welcome. Within our family, friendship is closely intertwined.


If you are looking for a second home filled with friendship, music and dance, you’ll find it at Salsabor. And with today being the start of a new term, it is the perfect time to join us. You will be welcomed with open arms, guaranteed.

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