You may have heard it said before, ‘Use it or lose it’. If you’ve ever tried to get fit you’ll have experienced it first hand. It seems unfair that after all the work you put in, a week or so off seems to take a month to get back.

Interestingly, the reason your body does this is not to make your life hard. It’s to make it easier. Easier to adapt to changing conditions. And it also files away what you’ve learned in the form of muscle memory so you can pick it up faster than you did the first time. Your body is always looking out for you.

Your dance moves work a little the same way. The more you dance the better you become and the more unconscious and naturally you flow.

If you take some time off dancing, you may feel a little rusty to get back into it in the first few moments, but once your muscle memory kicks in, you’ll begin to flow just like you used to.

Improving your dance muscle memory takes practice, and that’s why regular social dancing is so good.

You also get to experience and explore dance in a real life setting, become more confident in your dancing, learn to dance with different partners, get fit and have fun all at the same time.

Take full advantage of our weekly Latin Nights and get yourself ready for our end of month Rock’n’Roll social on 28 August.

Use it or lose it can apply to dance too

Build your dance muscle memory at Mazorca this Monday

And if you still feel nervous about attending a social night, register your interest to go on the waiting list for our next Bridging the Gap workshop where we teach you all about social dancing and how to get the most out of it.

Many of our instructors started with Salsabor as beginners and the way they grew into their dancing shoes and found their own style was to continually practice at social events.

They have developed deeper friendships and made new life-long friends. Others have found love as well as improved their health and outlook on life.

Ultimately, the benefits of social dancing is so much more than moving your body.

Please join us at Mazorca this coming Monday. We can’t wait to see you there.

Use it or lose it can apply to dance too