Before Christmas next week and the new year the week after, we wanted to thank all of you, our awesome community, for another fabulous 2016. And boy, do we have an exciting 2017 for you too!

This year brought so much good. We brought in more of our Latin American culture, starting with a new word of the week, which quickly turned into a new phrase of the week.

“Now if our students end up stranded on an island where they only speak Spanish, they’ll know how to ask things like: ‘Where is the toilet?’ (always important), ‘Would you like to dance?’ (essential) and ‘Happy Holidays!’ Feliz Vacaciones!” Andrea said.

Thank you from the Salsabor family

“We also ran lots of open days with the ever-popular sangria, giving students the opportunity to try new styles, which we always love to encourage. As these days were so loved, be ready for more next year too.”

During the terms, our fabulous instructors allowed for more practising in class. They shared etiquette tips as part of lessons and weekly video tips on their class facebook group pages so you could build your confidence in dancing.

Thank you from the Salsabor familia for a fabulous 2016!

“Next year, we’ll be sharing more inspiring videos on YouTube and on our Facebook page to give you ideas where you can improve your own dancing when you’re not in the studio,” Raquel said.

You may have recognised a few new faces around the studio and in classes as we welcomed Megan, Jacqueline, and Meave to the instructor team, and our new studio manager, Bernadette. We also welcomed little Leo, Raquel’s new bub to the family. You’ll get to see him in the new year.

We had some unforgettable events, including starting up Latin Tuesdays at the fun Highball Express in the city. You can expect more fun dancing there in 2017.

Thank you from the Salsabor familia for a fabulous 2016!

We were incredibly proud of our Salsabor teams who performed at the Canberra Latin Dance Festival (CLDF) and our instructors who taught workshops. The CLDF was a dream come true for us at the five-star hotel, the Rex, and we are grateful to everyone who attended.

Thank you from the Salsabor familia for a fabulous 2016!

And lastly but never least, forever a highlight, our fantastic and fabulous students and community who continue to delight and surprise us with all that they do and how generous and wonderful they are. Everything we could ever want for a community and why we see you as our family.

It always makes us so ridiculously proud to see our students who begin with us, perhaps shy and uncertain, transform as they learn to not only love dance but love life, progressing from beginner to performer and sometimes even instructor. It is simply magic for us.

“We love that you continue to support each other, embrace life-long friendships, feed us with cookies, and are always willing to learn,” Andrea said.

Thank you from the Salsa

As to what else is coming up in 2017, Raquel says, “You can expect lots of parties, social dancer comps, more national superstars to teach, refining our curriculums, and more non-dance social outings. Because after all, dance to us is not simply a way to move it is life.”

Feliz vacaciones everyone!

Love Andrea and Raquel xx

P.S. Can’t wait until 2017? You can book in for your Term 1 classes now so as soon as 30 January rolls up you are all ready to go. Or, if you want to get even smoother on the dancefloor, why not try our two-week summer short courses for Salsa, Zouk and Bachata starting on 16 January.

Thank you from the Salsabor familia for a fabulous 2016!