Term 2 may have only wrapped up but already we’re excited for what’s to come in Term 3 starting on 20 July.

We asked a few of the Salsabor instructor family to share what they’re excited about and what you can expect in their classes.

If you’re dancing Salsa, your instructor crew made up of Alejandro, Lisa, Amy, Hamed, Juan Pablo, Eva, Bo, James and Amanda have a lot of fun things planned.

Salsa at Salsabor in term 3

James, who is also partnering up with Amanda for Cha Cha, is “excited about teaching three dance styles, Salsa, Cha Cha, and Zouk, as well as continuing playing the very best Latin music I can find and sharing my overall passion of dance!”

We can’t wait to hear your tunes too James!

Alejandro is “looking forward to teaching people what I love and putting on some of the best Canberra Latin socials at Mazorca!”

Did you make it to the launch event of Mazorca Mondays? It was a blast, and we’re so exited to have this authentic South American venue for our famous Latin nights. Alejandro is managing the Mazorca nights and is very excited to have you there showing off your new moves.

Term 3 at Salsabor

In Term 3, Kimmi is bringing you Burlesque so get ready to get your diva on. Kimmi is also joining with Jess for Samba.

Term 3 brings you Burlesque at Salsabor

Jess is back with us after baby number 2 and she is “really excited to return to teaching after welcoming Baby No 2! I’m even more excited to be teaching the brand new Improver Samba class, mastering our basic, parading and intricate footwork variations.”

Watch out Samba lovers, Jess and Kimmi have a lot of fun planned for you!

From the Barre we have Hayley and Katrina and they had this to say about Term 3:

Hayley: “I’m really excited to bring my knowledge as a newly certified fitness instructor to Barre Attack classes in term 3. With more ways to perfect technique and more levels of working the muscles, students can expect greater results, improved strength and fitness, and better body composition!”

Katrina: “I am looking forward to welcoming some familiar as well as new faces, building on the results our barreista’s have already achieved and really want to challenge them this term. Be ready to feel those arms, butts, abs and thighs burning overtime!”

Barre for Term 3 at Salsabor

There could be watermelons!

For Bachata we have Jason, Angela, Bo, Ben and Eva.

Ben had this to say: “Hola Bachateros! Eva and I are so thrilled this term to share with all Intermediate/Advance Bachateros our love for this style of dance. This Term is guaranteed to sizzle and will entertain the fussiest of Bachateros.”

Eva, as well as joining Ben in Bachata, will be teaching the Beginner Salsa 2 class: “SUPER excited for another fantastic term ahead. I am looking forward to seeing regular students at the studio again and also some new faces in my Beginner 2 Salsa class. And nothing beats the winter cold than some Bachata. You can expect some HOT Bachata moves this term in the Bachata intermediate class.
There is no excuse to feel cold this winter.
Bo is teaching Salsa and Bachata in Term 3 and she is “looking forward to sharing my passion for dance with new students and also familiar faces!”
And Angela will be bringing you Bachata Beginner. “I love teaching Bachata Beginner as many first-time dancers join this class and instantly fall in love with the style.”
Wondering what she has planned? Here’s a peek: “This term will focus on Bachata fundamentals and fun turn patterns certainly inspiring all students to hit the social dance floor!”

In Zouk, Amit, Emily, Veronika, James and Jenny will be doing their thing.

Amit, Zouk’s head instructor, is excited to teach with Emily: “Zouk Intermediate and a new moving Zouk Choreography course to perform at the Canberra Latin Dance Festival. We are looking forward to share with you techniques, moves, styling that’ll make you a strong and creative social dancer.”

Zouk for Term 3 at Salsabor

Zumba with Hayley, Felipe and Alicia is back with lots of energy and fun. They can’t wait to see you in class.

And our Directors, Andrea and Raquel, are beyond excited for the coming term.

This is what they had to say: “Raquel and I can’t wait for term 3! We are doing a lot behind the scenes to make your dance experience even better.

Watch out for new music playlists available on our website, a new state of the art microphone set up in studio 1, new Bachata and Zouk lesson outlines available to our students (very popular with our Salsa students), incredible new venue for our socials, which we revealed on Monday, new exciting syllabus for our Samba and Zouk classes, and organising the Canberra Latin Dance Festival coming up in October!”

Andrea will also be picking up a new puppy in August, Salsabor’s new mascot! Amigo. If everything else isn’t reason enough to be there for Term 3, then meeting little Amigo surely must be.

Amigo for Term 3 at Salsabor

Thank you for continually being an amazing community. See you on the studio and dance floor on 20 July.

And if you’re still to register, head on over here!