Learn hot new Bachata, Zouk, and Salsa moves that we don’t teach in our regular classes during our Summer short courses starting 16 January. With a focus on social moves and lots of style and class, you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else.

We caught up with our instructors to find out what exactly you’ll be learning. Get ready for some serious, spicy new moves.

Burn bright on the dance floor with Bachata

Bachata summer short course at Salsabor

Jason and Kat will not only bring you new exciting turn patterns, they will also provide you with a chance to make the most out of the moves you already have in your repertoire.

“At the end of each summer class, we’ll also be answering all of your questions on leads and turn patterns to individually cater to your ability,” they said.

“This means the gentlemen will get support in how to lead their chosen move more effectively and the ladies will be able to get some ideas on where and how to add their own style and flavour to the moves they have been led through.”

Start your year strong with steamy Salsa

With JP and Amy, you’ll be learning musicality, styling, and dips to add some spice and flavour to your social dancing. They’re also answering all of your burning questions at the end of each class.

“Get ready for some seriously steamy moves,” they said.

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Find your sensuality with Zouk

With Amit and Maeve, it is all about how to be a better social dancer. “We’ll be teaching partner connection, lead and follow, musicality, and improvisation so you can float across that Zouk dancefloor.”

“We’ll also be throwing in lots of tips and tricks for the social floor and lyrical musicality.”

If you’ve been hanging to get dancing with style, you’ll love these short courses. Sign up for one or do them all. Find out more and book here.