Some of our Salsabor family are off to the State Qualifiers for the Australian Latin Dance Championships (ALDC) this weekend.

Moe and Kimmi are competing in the Semi-pro Salsa and Samba Duets divisions, Hamed and Amy (pictured at the end) in the Amateur Bachata division, and the Adorevelas, made up of Narita, Delfina, Deb, Caroline, Pinny, and Kim, in the Amateur Samba division.

We caught up with Moe and Kimmi to ask them about their journey to the qualifiers. Kimmi is also the team manager for the Adorevelas.

Moe and Kimmi met at Salsabor and have shared many dance classes and even a few different teams together before partnering for the ALDC.

Moe and Kimmi competing at the state qualifiers for the Australian Latin Dance Festival this weekend

The ALDC partnership came at Kimmi’s suggestion after she noticed that Moe had a similar Samba basic and thought they could be a great duet. “She (Moe) then upped it by suggesting salsa too!” Kimmi said.

“I was honoured,” Moe said. “We were in the same classes and must have been learning together for about three years when Kimmi asked.”

Both of them found that they complemented each other’s dancing really well.

“Moe balances me in my dancing as we have different strengths and always encourages my creativity, I couldn’t ask for a better partner!” Kimmi said.

Moe feels the same about Kimmi. “She is a great dancer and it was fun to learn new things together,” Moe said. “We took our own responsibilities (arranging costumes and preparing music) and our friendship has become stronger than ever.”

Qualifying is an exciting opportunity for them both.

“I’m excited to represent our school and show that Canberra is a great place to learn dance,” Kimmi said.

Moe loved the challenge of putting together a routine. “We were so happy when we finished it,” she said. “It’s also a challenge for me to improve my performance skills.”

When asked about winning they both felt they’d already won.

“I’ve already won,” Kimmi said. “I get to dance with a great friend and have seen us both improve so much leading up to competing.”

Moe felt the same. “I’ve had fun choreographing, learning and practising with Kimmi,” Moe said. “I’ve learned new moves and styling, and my fitness level is up with two to three practices a week. So I feel like I’m already winning. If we win at State and National level, it will be an extra bonus.”

What an awesome attitude to have. No doubt their love for dancing is what keeps them learning.

“After a long day at work, dancing is an activity that I look forward to,” Moe said. “I have a sense of accomplishment of learning new moves and I also enjoy performing and getting a good reaction from the audience.”

Kimmi agrees,”You can challenge yourself and grow as a person through dance and make great friendships too.”

Thanks for sharing your story and friendship with us Kimmi and Moe.

We wish both of you and all of the Salsabor teams the best in competing for the State Qualifiers. We also wish our friends Jamie, Katharine, Amit, and Emily AND all the other Canberra competitors the very best too.

If you want to cheer on the Salsabor teams and any of the other Canberran competitors you can grab your tickets here. The competition is being held this Saturday 20 June at the Italo Australia Club in Deakin.

Amy and Hamed competing at the state qualifiers for the Australian latin Dacne Festival this weekend

Watch Amy and Hamed at the qualifier this weekend