You’ve started taking dance lessons and you’re starting to get the moves, but you’re not yet game enough to try them out in a social setting.

Maybe it’s because you still feel a little uncoordinated. Or perhaps you feel intimidated by all of the dancers who have been doing it for longer than you.

Whatever it is, we can tell you that now is the time to get out there and dance. The more you dance the better you become, and the more the nerves disappear.

Learning is great, sure. But dancing out socially is where the real fun is.  And fun is what Salsabor is all about!

Social dancing is where you make your life-long dance friends, get to play with the moves and even learn new ones.

So to make the transition from classes to dance floor not as daunting for you, we are holding a special workshop, Bridging the Gap, to help you build your confidence, share dance tips and tricks, and answer any questions you have about social dancing.

It’s on Saturday, 13 June at 11.00am to 1.00pm at the Salsabor Dance Studio, and it includes half an hour of social dancing too.

No more nerves after Salsabor's Bridging the Gap workshop

By the end of the workshop, the nervous first-time social dance jitters will be gone and you will be more than ready to hit the social dance scene.

Excited? Register your spot for the workshop now.

After the workshop, we also have a few social events to keep your dance momentum going, including Sabor!

Sabor, White Winter Wonderland end of term social

Sabor is our end of term social where there are performances as well as lots and lots of great dancing. You won’t even notice the chill of winter at this hot dance party!

You can grab your tickets to Sabor here.

If you already feel game enough to venture out dancing before the workshop, we would love to see you at Latin Tuesdays at the studio tonight and every Tuesday thereafter from 7.00pm.

Get social at Salsabor's Lain Tuesdays

And we even have our end of month social this Friday, buy your ticket at the door. It’s totally 80s. You have to come.

Practice your dance moves at the Salsabor end of month social

We told you that we had lots of great social events to help you kick those social dancing nerves.

Here’s that link for the workshop again.

Hope to see you there or maybe even tonight at the studio for Latin Tuesdays!