When you think of dance perhaps you think of a way to have fun and get out and about, but would you be surprised to learn that it has even more to offer you?

We caught up with our student Deb who shared her experience of dance and how it has not only opened up her world it’s also had some surprising side-effects too.

“For me, reduced shoulder/back and neck pain and improved memory were the most noticeable,” she said. “Starting Samba was when these improved the most.”

Dance Samba at Salsabor

Deb (third from the left) with her Samba sisters in all of their performance glory.

Deb started Samba with Salsabor during one of our free taster weeks in 2014.

“I started just for fun, having done some ballroom instructing when I was 20,” she said. “Getting back to dancing was a long overdue resolution and I started Samba to improve my core strength and foot positioning.”

“I came along to Salsabor’s free taster class week, held during the holidays to give people a chance to try out different styles, or just dance in general. I loved the energy and fun of the Samba taster and signed up for my first Beginner Samba course in term 4, 2014. I’ve done almost every beginner samba class since, as it is half price for Samba Improvers and it’s a great way to practice technique.”

Dance Samba at Salsabor

Although Samba is a favourite, Deb loves all of the dance styles and dances three to six times a week.

“I learn as many as I can to keep me versatile, and I love learning new dances to understand the framework and history of what makes a style unique,” she said. “Barre attack is also a favourite class because it gets incredible results.”

If you’re thinking of giving dance a try, Deb has this to say, “If you can walk you can dance and if you have a heartbeat then you have some rhythm. Being open to try something new, when you’re not ‘already good at it’ is humbling and empowering. You learn more about yourself, and with a positive attitude and a little persistence, you will see mental, physical and social benefits.”

“You only get one body so it makes sense to enjoy it and to make sure it lasts. It’s also great to be able to meet people and have fun with your friends, without trying to coordinate nightclubs and taxis!”

We so agree! Thanks Deb for sharing your experience with us. We love having you as part of the Salsabor familia.

Do you want to join our Salsabor family for Term 2? It starts on April 4 and you can book into classes now.

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