Samba and Burlesque at Salsabor has two exciting new instructors, Emily and Megan, and they can’t wait to shake it with you this term! Plus, if you ever wanted to dress up in sequins and adorn yourself in feathers, this is the time to do it too.

We caught up with them to find out what they’re excited about for the coming term and what they love about these sassy and sexy dance styles.

First, Megan.

Megan is your Samba Performance instructor. She has been dancing Samba for over five years, starting with Danca Brazil in Adelaide and then moving to La Bomba with their performance group.

Samba and Burlesque at Salsabor

She has performed Samba at the Mardi Gras twice, including on the float winning ‘best choreography in 2015’, the Adelaide Fringe Opening, Brazil Central, Adelaide Latin Festival and Multicultural Festival, as well as performing regularly to restaurant goers. She has also attended Carnaval in Brazil.

“I’m looking forward to relaunching the Samba performance team, with a new look and a new focus!” she said.

“Our first event will be the National Multicultural Festival, where we look forward to bringing the energy, passion and movement of authentic Brazilian culture to Canberra.” A culture she is incredibly passionate about.

With Megan, you’ll really learn about the roots of Samba and how it is expressed today in Brazil, as apparent in her earthy, authentic style.

She also speaks Spanish and Portuguese and has lived in South America so expect to hear a bit of both in your class!

As to why she loves Samba so much, it comes down to the music and its celebration of women.

“I love Samba music!” she said. “The energy and positivity is infectious. It represents the Brazilian people’s passion for life and sense of community. I also love how samba celebrates the female body and embraces women of all shapes and sizes.” We love that too!

If performance is something you aspire to this year, join Megan’s class today.

Emily is joining us this term as our Burlesque instructor and as our Samba Beginner instructor. If you made it to the first Latin Mondays at Monkey Bar last week, you would have seen Emily perform Samba as a teaser for her upcoming class this term. We can tell you it was spectacular and you are in for a treat.


“I’m super excited to be teaching Samba and Burlesque this term,” she said. “I can’t wait to spread my love of dance to everyone.”

“It has been a huge part of my life. It keeps me fit and happy, and I’ve met some wonderful people through dance who have become life-long friends.”

For Emily, dance is a career that started when she was seven in Canberra (even if she didn’t know it at the time). And since then she has traveled the world for dance. She has qualifications in dance and has been awarded numerous scholarships here and in the US to continue to build on her career as a dancer, including with the Miami City Ballet School.

She has performed in many different cities around the world and at the Sydney Opera House several times. And recently she won competitions in Samba and Salsa, and placed second in the Australian Latin Dance Championships with her partner Amit dancing Zouk.

Burlesque at Salsabor

She’s danced nearly every style you can think of but now it is Latin dancing that has captured her heart.

“I love Samba because of the infectious music and energy it has,” Emily said. “I love wearing the beautiful costumes and feeling confident and sexy!”

And Burlesque, she loves, “…because it is sassy, fun and sexy, and a great way to build confidence and to express yourself.” Which she will be helping all of you do in her classes this term.

Will you be joining Megan or Emily this term? There is still time to sign up.

To join Megan on Thursday night in Samba Performance, head here to register.

To join Emily on Tuesday for Burlesque, head here to register. To join her on Thursday for Samba Beginner, head here.

 Can’t wait to see sexy, sassy women on the dance floor!

 Burlesque at Salsabor