If you’d been with Salsabor in the early years, you would know that one dancer and now instructor has been with us since then as well, and we’re not talking about our founder, Raquel!

“This dancer has been teaching with us close to 8 years and has never taken a sick day or day off,” said Salsabor co-director, Andrea. “His dedication to his students and classes is incredible.”

The dancer we’re talking about is Jason Tabiolo who started with us back in 2009 “because of a friend named Cromwel (Flores) told me about Salsabor and invited me to come check it out.”


“At the time I was in a different field in dance but had fun learning and mixing the two different styles and making them as one,” he said. “That hip hop/breaking salsa swag style.”

Jason’s dancing has evolved since then. “It has been an amazing journey with Salsabor,” he said. He’s learnt and taught many different styles over the years, which is one of the reasons why he loves Salsabor. But of all the styles he’s taught, there is one style that stands out. “BACHATA!!!! Legit hands down fo realz fo sho 100%! I get to dance and teach my favourite Latin style.”


For Jason, dancing is his life. In fact,dancing has truly changed his life for the better.

“I have a second family because of dance, they are all over the world,” he said. “Our languages and backgrounds are all different, but we still communicate and understand without speaking any words.”

“The moments that I really enjoy the most with dancing is that students get to learn a move or turn pattern from me that they can take away and have for life. It’s like I give a little piece of my heart and soul and they take it away cherishing it dearly. (^_^)y


When asked about Jason, co-director of Salsabor, Andrea, said, “Jase is one of the most talented and gifted dancers and teachers I’ve ever seen. Every student I’ve spoken to has just the best things to say about him. We are blessed to have him teaching with us and sharing his love of dance at Salsabor.”

Although he’s not sure where he’ll be in five years time, there is one thing he is certain of.

“In 5 years there are just too many possibilities where life can take you…. One thing is for sure, that I’ll never stop dancing.”

We hear you Jason! Dance for life.

You still have time to join Jason in this term’s Bachata (Thursday nights). You can join Jason in his Bachata beginner or improver classes starting tomorrow 20 October.