The excitement is building for the upcoming Canberra Latin Dance Festival on 7 – 9 October, and once again we have some great dancers from the Salsabor family performing and teaching workshops.

We have four teams performing this year. The Zouk Sensation / Salsabor Team, which includes: Ben Brilliante, Amit Arora, Amanda Chiu, Xarjie zz, Hamed Sarbazhosseini, Amy Hart, Alexia Guerra, Lana Dolcezza, Elizabeth Chapin, Maeve McGregor, Bill Bruce, Geoff Lang and Barnes Fullum.

The Bachata Ladies Shines Team (pictured practicing above) featuring choreography by Katrina Quintal (a bachata world champion from Latin Dance Australia). The team includes Ary Phaiyakounh, Amy Hart, Eva Li, Jasmine Martens, Mary Kenehan, Michelle Russell, Katharina Senger, Leah Jones, Leah Ferris, Sarah Carlyon, Shalini Arumugam, Tracey Sarsfield and Rebecca Hosemans.

The Salsa Student Team, which includes Stephanie Lupton, Jennifer Choi, David Reid, Kerri Scanlan, Florie Lafon, Trevor Hobbs, Deb Ashcroft, Maeve McGregor, Timothy Bogie, Freddie Loyman, and Jamie Bryce.

And the Burlesque Student Team, including Ary Phaiyakounh, Jasmine Martens, Lucy Costa, Leah Jones, Marianna Page and Kiri Lefebvre.

What amazing teams! Imagine what they’ll look like on stage? They’ve been training for months for this moment.

Jamie Bryce from the Salsa Team said when asked about how he’s feeling about performing at the CLDF, “I must admit I’m really excited! No doubt I’ll be nervous on the night, but I’m a performer by nature and this is what I love doing. We have a pretty amazing team and it’s been such a pleasure getting to know them.”


We also have six instructors teaching workshops at the festival.

If Mambo is your groove, Raquel and Juan Pablo will be teaching the latest Mambo Euro Moves on Sunday 9 October at 11.40 to 12.40 pm.

If you want to get into sensual Zouk, Emily and Amit are teaching Zouk Flow on Saturday 8 October at 4 to 5 pm. Learn the moves they swayed to at last year’s festival pictured below.

If Bachata gets you moving, Ben and Eva are teaching Sexy Bachata Fusion on Saturday 8 October at 10.30 to 11.30 am. This was them below in their hot routine for last year’s festival.

“We are so proud of our instructors and performers!” said Andrea and Raquel. “We know how hard they have been working behind the scenes. It takes a lot of courage to get up on stage and shine, so a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you.”

“Remember that once you get up on stage, dance like no one’s watching and enjoy!!”

If seeing your fellow students and instructors perform isn’t enough to inspire you to come along, maybe knowing that it’s at a beautiful new venue will.

Andrea and Raquel have hired out the Canberra Rex Hotel on Northbourne for the whole weekend of the festival.

“If you are a veteran festival goer or completely new to the experience, this year will be something truly special,” said Andrea. “Be sure to attend as many incredible workshops and learn from world class artist, get inspired by watching the shows and dance to the best tunes by Australia’s best DJ’s.

“I would also recommend you stay at the hotel so you can roll up to your room, to rest your tired feet and happy heart, without the drive home ;)”

Immerse yourself in the full experience and treat yourself to a weekend away at the Rex for the festival. Enjoy meals with your fellow dancers as well as dancers from around Australia and the world. And come and support your fellow dancers.

If you’re still to buy your tickets, you can grab them from here. Can’t wait to see you there!