You’ve wanted Latin music to practice to and now you have it! We’ve created ten playlists for all your Latin dancing desires.

You can choose from Salsa Slow, Salsa Medium, Salsa Fast, Bachata,Samba, Zouk, Cha Cha, Wedding, Reggaeton, and a Latin Mix.

Salsabor playlists for you to dance to

This is what they look like on the Salsabor website

You can access them straight from our website or follow us directly on Spotify.

“We know how important it is to practice outside of classes and so wanted to give our community great music to practice to,” said Andrea.

“These playlists are filled with all of our favourites, and we’ll continue to add to them as we discover more to keep them fresh.”

“Use them to practice to party or to simply dance your way into Friday night.”

“They are there for you to use whenever you want.”

If you have any requests, please send them through and will do out best to add them to the lists.