Private lessons are the best way to fast track your learning as they are taken one on one or as a couple. All the attention is on you and will help you to achieve your specific dancing goals.

We hold private lessons at our Civic studio on:

Friday between 5pm – 8pm

Saturday and Sunday between 11am – 4pm

And prices are:

1 hour one person $125

1 hour couple $135

1 hour one person with Salsabor Director $145

1 hour couple with Salsabor Director $155

Private classes must be pre-paid (if you pre-pay for five private lessons you will receive a 20% discount).

Any cancellations are accepted if made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time (full payment is required if not given the required notice).

No refunds.

To find out more and make an appointment, please email us at