Salsabor Performance Agreement

  • In order to perform, you have to attend at least 80% of classes. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to organise to catch up, as the class needs to run to schedule.

  • There may be extra rehearsals leading up to event performances. This information will be posted on the Facebook groups for your performance team.

  •  If the performance team continues to rehearse after the eight week course; a rehearsal fee will be payable.
    The total fee for solo styles such as Burlesque, Samba, Bachata Ladies Shines and Belly Dance is $70 per rehearsal (based per hour), to be split between the amount of students continuing to rehearse.  This fee will cover the instructors time & studio hire.

    The total fee for couple routines to continue training is $115 per rehearsal/per hour to be split between the amount of students in the team. This fee will cover the instructors time and studio hire, and be payable on the dates stated on the invoice.
    NB: Please note that you cannot forfeit a rehearsal fee if you do not attend in  fairness on other team members.

  • Costumes are compulsory if you want to perform. Team leaders will make the final decision on the costume.

  • Dance shoes are compulsory and colour selected will be by the team leader.

  • If you do not agree with the costume selected, you can still do the course, however will be unable to perform.

  • Opportunities to perform include – the Salsabor End of Term Fiestas, Latin Tuesdays, and at other local (possibly interstate) Events/Parties/Latin Nights.

  • All students performing at the End of Term Fiesta  MUST pre-purchase their End of Term Fiesta Performer tickets either at the studio or on the Salsabor website:

  • The enrolment in this class is on the condition that all choreographies taught by Salsabor are property of Salsabor Dance Company and are therefore not to be used for any other unauthorised purpose than for performances organised by Salsabor.

  • By signing up for any Salsabor choreography you are authorising the use of any images such as photos, videos or any filming made from the performance or rehearsals by Salsabor Dance Company for any type of promotional purposes.