One of our Salsabor regulars, Steph became our most outstanding student in term four of last year. We caught up with her recently to ask her a little about what dance meant to her. Aside from completely loving it, she’s also experienced a lot of other benefits.

“I’ve discovered much more bodily confidence than I’ve ever had before,” she shared with us. “I love the excitement of not knowing what’s coming next and I love the feeling of getting better at something. And I’ve had so much more energy too.”

Outstanding Salsabor student Steph

When asked what was her favourite dance style Steph exclaimed that it was hard to choose, but eventually settled on salsa.

“I love the energy and rapid decision making of salsa,” she said. “You really have to rely on your instincts.”

Away from dance, Steph still spends her time around music and movement.

“My next big passion after dance is piano,” she said. “I try to get a chance to play everyday. I also cycle a bit and own a Kelpie who needs a lot of love.” Those puppies sure do!

Outstanding Salsabor student Steph

For those thinking about starting dance Steph had this to share. “Starting dance was, hands down, the best decision I ever made.” It could be the same for you.

Thanks for sharing what you love about dance Steph. Congratulations again for being the most outstanding student in term four. We love having you as part of our family.

Outstanding Salsabor student Steph