Put on your dance shoes because we’ve started a new year at Salsabor and boy do we have some exciting things planned for you. We have all the favourites, of course, with some very special additions to keep you growing into the best dancer you can be.

We caught up with some of our instructors plus Raquel and Andrea to find out exactly what you can look forward to. It’s never too late to join either so if something sounds exciting to you, sign up! We take on new students all the way up until the third week.

Introducing Bachata Sensual

A new style to excite the Bachateros this term. It’s new to Salsabor and Canberra, and you can start learning this week.

“Jason and Kat are introducing you to their fusion between Bachata Moderna and Bachata Sensual,” said Andrea. “They’ll be focussing on the key features of body movement and body isolation as well as the intricacies of lead and follow to ensure you are the star on the dance floor.”

This dynamic duo featuring our all time favourite Bachatero Jason, who as been teaching and inspiring dancers for over eight years in his fun-filled classes at Salsabor, and Kat, who has been pushing her dancing for over three years by learning from national and international instructors, competing twice in the Australian Latin Dance Championships, and travelling to Spain this winter to learn from the inventors of Bachata Sensual, Korke and Judith, themselves.

“I am excited about teaching my first term of Bachata as I can’t wait to show what we have prepared for the students,” Kat said. “It will be amazing to share my love for Sensual Bachata and to pass on the knowledge, especially about lead and follow, as well as body movements so that the girls can feel sexy on the dance floor and the boys can become that dancer that every girl wants to dance with.”

If you love Bachata you are going to love this new partnership and beautiful style. Beginning on Thursday at 8.30pm, you can sign up for it here. This class also takes over from Ben and Eva.

New year at Salsabor with Bachata Sensual

Improve your Bachata with Jason and Ary

You can also join Jason with Ary in their Bachata Improver class starting on Thursday at 7.20pm.

These words from Ary about what to expect, “Jason and I can’t wait to share our love of Sensual and Moderna Bachata this term! Students can expect to learn about body isolations and movement, challenging but achievable turn patterns and how to incorporate syncopations to their dancing in a fun and relaxed environment.”

You can join Jason and Ary here.

Burlesque Chair Routine

“This term the beautiful Jac will be teaching a Burlesque chair routine on Thursday evenings starting 2 February,” Raquel said. “It will focus on classic, sexy and flirty burlesque moves and sensual poses.” Oooolala! We can’t wait.

Starting on Thursday at 8.30pm, you can join Burlesque here.

Explore Zouk.. one of the most beautiful and captivating dance taking over the world Latin scene

Amit and Maeve are super excited to share with you  everything they know. Amit had this to say about this terms classes “new and existing Zoukers are welcome as we cover the following which will help you to focus your attention on the flow between yourself and your dance partner. To express mind-body connection physically; To control, express elegantly and beautifully, the feeling of the heart. To dance Zouk – Art in Motion!”

Starting on Wednesday at 6.10pm, you can join Zouk classes here.

Samba Party Parade
“For the Sambistas, this term you will learn a brilliant choreography that will be showcased at the famous Multicultural Festival Parade,” Andrea said. “Learn to walk with confidence and strut through the Canberra City streets with style.”

Starting on Thursday at 7.20pm, you can join the class here.

New year at Salsabor with Samba Party

Bachata with Katrina Quintal

“Due to popular demand we are bringing back Bachata royalty Katrina Quintal,” Raquel said. “Over three Fridays in March, she will be teaching a special ladies Bachata shines routine to be showcased at the Sydney International Bachata Festival.”

As a world champion, international instructor, performer and choreographer, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to learn from Katrina’s global experience.

Sounds like something you’d love to do? Find out more and sign up for this exciting opportunity here.

New year at Salsabor with Katrina Quintal Bachata Workshop

Getting Steamy with Salsa with JP, Hamed, Sarah and Adam

“This term I am all about influencing new people to step in tune,” JP said. “To merge their body with music, to dissolve the mundane of life, to change their whole perceptive to any song that they might hear.”

“Where once upon a time a phrase in music was a set of tunes hitting together, now it becomes a phrase of infinite dance moves that can be expressed throughout time and space. To evoke discipline for eternally improving, and for everyone to understand once you can dance to a song, you can dance to life.”

Ah, JP we hear you. Dance is life! Excited to step in tune then join up to dance with the fun JP in Salsa Improve + Salsa Intermediate classes here.

Hamed is bringing all of his energy to making sure every student enjoys every moment of his Salsa classes this term.

“I’m feeling so refreshed after the holidays and am looking forward to sharing my dance knowledge with our new and current students so that they enjoy every second of class.” Sounds great to us Hamed!

Join Hamed in Salsa Level 2 and Salsa Level 3 here.

Also getting their Salsa teaching on are Sarah and Adam in Salsa 1. They’ll be showing students, new to the sexy and energetic style, the basic and most important moves any Salsero can learn.

“I am excited to help students develop their passion for Salsa and to see some new faces around the studio,” Sarah said. Adam felt the same. “I’m excited to help my students discover a love of Salsa and Latin music.”

With all of our Salsa 1 classes selling out for term 1, we’ve opened up a new class for Monday at 8pm. You can join that class here.

New year at Salsabor with more social dancing at HighBall

What a line-up! All the usual energetic suspects but always with new ideas and moves to keep your dancing fun and exciting.

“We can’t wait to see everyone back for another great year of dance,” Andrea said. “Raquel will be at the studio for the first week of Term and she’ll be bringing a very special guest, little baby Leo to say hello to everyone!” Cuteness overload!

See you on the dance floor, everyone!