When it comes to choosing our most outstanding students for 2016, it was a hard decision, because we have so many great students! But it was also a very justified choice. Both are wonderful dancers and contributors to our dance family.

Today we wanted to pay tribute to one of our award winners, Jamie Bryce, who both Andrea and Raquel believe to be one of the most committed students they know.

“He is at every class and event,” they said. “But most of all we want to celebrate his dedication to dance and for being a true gentleman on and off the dance floor. He is one of the most caring people we know. His positivity and humour are contagious to everyone that’s around him. We love having you as part of the Salsabor familia!”

Salsabor's most outstanding student for 2016

Jamie was in his own words “completely stoked!” to win his award at last year’s End of Term Fiesta. “It took me a while to get over the initial shock, but then couldn’t keep the smile off my face,” he said.

Starting with Salsabor in September 2015 learning Salsa and then moving onto Bachata, Jamie is now training to become a Salsa instructor.

Makes sense when he loves the community and the people so much. “Salsabor has such a beautiful, warm and inclusive community,” Jamie said. “The people you meet through dance are those that truly enhance your life. They are happy, outgoing and fun.”

Salsabor's most outstanding student for 2016

“Dancing has made me into a happier person. No matter how rough the day of work, I know that I have a beautiful community waiting for me when I get home.” You sure do!

“This year, I’m looking into branching out of my salsa comfort zone and fine tuning my other dance styles, particularly Bachata,” he said. “I would also like to take on a couple of choreographies throughout the year.”

To someone thinking about learning to dance, Jamie says, “Go for it! Trying something new can always be scary, but just remember that all dancers, even the really good ones started as beginners too. Simply put a big smile on your face and enjoy the ride.” Absolutely! And we would love to have you at Salsabor.

Thanks, Jamie. Congratulations again. We hope you’re loving New Zealand at the moment with work. We love having you as part of our familia and can’t wait to see you when you get back.