Here at Salsabor we are thankful everyday for the wonderful community we have. We value all of our students, our instructors, and our fellow schools that make up Latin dance in Canberra and Australia.

We are passionate about making our school one of family, inspiration, achievement, confidence and friendship (our core values), and when we receive amazing feedback from our community saying that this is exactly how they see Salsabor, we are thrilled. It also makes us even more passionate to make Salsabor even better for you.

It was with this passion in mind that we came together for our team building day recently. We spent a Saturday with our business coach, Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield from Studio Expansion, to get very clear on exactly how we can bring even more of our values into the everyday at Salsabor and how we can enhance your experience with us.

Chantelle was blown away by our passion and enthusiasm.


We brainstormed, we came up with lots of ideas, and of course had a lot of fun. Fun is always mandatory. And now we’d like to share some of our ideas with you!


Coming up in 2016, we’ll be bringing in more of our Latin American culture. Keep an eye out for the Spanish word of the week and an open day with empanadas and sangria and all things Latin American.

We’ll be allowing for more practicing in class, etiquette tips as part of lessons, and weekly video tips so you can build your confidence in dancing as you learn.


We’ll be introducing goal setting with students so you can focus on improving for where you are in your dance journey and what YOU want to learn.

And we’ll be sharing more inspiring videos on YouTube and on our Facebook page to give you ideas where you can improve your own dancing when you’re not in the studio.

We loved dreaming up ideas to make your experience even better than before and we can’t wait to start bringing these ideas to you in 2016.

Raquel, Andrea and the Salsabor Team.