Sometimes all it takes to find love is to ask. It seems too simple doesn’t it, but not for Jeremy and Moe. It was exactly what was needed to bring them together as a couple. Jeremy learned that Moe did salsa dancing and so he asked her ‘to come social dancing with me’. And that was that.

Moe had only recently started learning salsa and had wanted to improve so agreed to meet up with Jeremy at King O’Malleys, where the then weekly Latin Night evening was hosted by Salsabor, and Monkey Bar, the local Latin night club.

From there it took three months to become real partners where the initial attraction turned into admiration and then love.


Jeremy thought Moe was pretty the first time he met her and then when he got to know her is when he learnt, ‘she is quite intelligent and down to earth’.

“At first it was about the social dancing, then it was about getting know each other, then I knew enough that I should officially ask her out,” Jeremy said.

When asked if he could pin point when it turned to love Jeremy said, “Hard to say but I did think on many occasions I’m not letting her get away.”


Moe believes it was the social dancing once or twice a week that made their relationship stronger and his curiosity about her and her background helped too.

It only took a few catch ups before she started to feel a connection. And dance is now solidly a part of their lives.

“We both like dancing and this is the activity we do together at home, at class, at the social dance events and we also perform together,” Moe said.

“There are many new styles we still want to learn, like Kizomba, which we are learning at Salsabor at the moment.”

And that is the love story, so far, of Moe and Jeremy. A simple beginning that led to a beautiful romance.

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