The Salsabor team is delighted to introduce our newest Salsa instructor, the enigmatic Deon. As you can see from the pictures, he’s massively photogenic, beautifully poised and exudes the very reason why we all love to dance – because it makes us so happy!


Deon presenting the ‘Most Outstanding Student’ award at the End of Term Fiesta, April 2019

Deon’s alternative journey to Salsa instructor

One thing that’s really fascinating about Deon joining our team is that he didn’t follow what many might think is the ‘regular’ road to dance instructor. And no one explains this better than Deon himself.

My introduction to Salsabor was in 2016, following a conversation with some friends about the delights of dancing. In fact, so persuasive was the discussion that we all signed up for a Salsa class that very night. I’d never dabbled in Latin dancing before so was very excited to be learning this addictive style of Latin partner dancing. Little did I know that this was to be the start of a brand new career.


Deon social dancing at the End of Term Fiesta, April 2019


However, it wasn’t until the beginning of 2017 that I realised that I wanted to be an instructor. By this time I was getting really involved in the Salsa curriculum at Salsabor and helping out with students in all of the various dance classes. And it was this that made me realise how much I enjoyed nurturing and assisting those beginning their dance journey. It really give me a sense of fulfilment to be handing something back to this wonderful dance community.

Salsabor is not simply a job; Salsabor is family. This welcoming environment allows me to be my true self, one I experience every single time I enter the studio and begin to dance. And when I teach I can add my own personal elements to the class.


Salsabor Dance Studio End of Term Fiesta – 23 March 2019


For those coming to my morning classes I always have coffee on the go and can usually be found drinking it myself too. Yes, I am a self-confessed coffee addict – although this pales into insignificance compared to what is my true passion, the one and only Latin dance”.

Salsabor Directors, JP & Carolina, on why Deon is such a great member of the team


“From the moment Deon joined Salsabor as a student he was always one of the most talented in the class. He was taking part in Salsa, Bachata – pretty much every style of dance. And in all of them he was constantly being nominated as the most outstanding student.

In fact, before we asked him to join us as a Salsa instructor we’d offered him a position teaching Bachata, but he was too busy with work to be able to accept. But the second time we asked him to join and teach Salsa. To our delight he accepted, and it was soon very apparent we’d made the right choice. We threw everything at him and he rose to the challenge admirably, getting the hang of everything with ease.


Salsabor Dance Studio End of Term Fiesta – 23 March 2019


So we kept upping the ante, giving him harder and harder work. When we started him in Salsa level 2 he embraced it with flying colours. One day he had to take a level 1 Salsa class at the last minute. He was teaching with some other instructors, Amy, Amanda and Steph, who were all unanimous in their praise for him, saying he was great.

He soon moved on to teaching level 3. And in true Deon style picked it up immediately. Plus, he coped easily when we changed the curriculum – it doesn’t seem to matter what we throw at him, he just smiles and adapts, like a true pro.

Sometimes we get him to dance as a woman, so as a follower instead of a leader. He’s really good at that as well. He fits in really well here at Salsabor, not only as an instructor, but behind the desk, with organisation, as well as getting his hands dirty with the general tasks that have to be carried out on a regular basis, such as cleaning and even organising closets. He just smiles and gets on with it.

We’re really happy with Deon, and delighted that he’s finally chosen to become a member of our team.



End of Term Fiesta April 2019 – with instructors and award winners