Sometimes taking a chance is what brings an exciting opportunity your way. You put yourself out there and then voila, there it is. We love when this happens and loved finding out that this is exactly what happened to our new studio manager, Bernadette.

“It came by chance,” Bernadette said. “Originally I started working at the door on Latin Tuesday’s for the social nights and loved every second of it! Most of the people who attended were the staff and students from Salsabor…so when the opportunity came up I thought a new challenge would be great with the added bonus of meeting new people and being part of a community that values similar things to me.” It was perfect synchronicity and will be a wonderful new source of inspiration for us as well.

When we caught up with Bernadette recently to find out a bit more about her and what she finds exciting about her new role, she immediately responded that she wanted to bring new ideas and possible collaborations to the studio. She adds, “And, to put new systems in place and improve the old ones.” As to the people, she wouldn’t change a single thing.

Meet Bernadette, Salsabor's new studio manager

“The people make the place,” she said. “So far I am loving the people I am privileged to meet and the music I get to listen to each week. I am also loving the little dance combo’s I get to see each week.” The role does have its benefits. On top of that Bernadette also gets to try the different classes and styles as a fill in or to warm up, which she loves.

As to her favourites, Bernadette has two. “Probably Zouk or Burlesque,” she said. “Both styles improve the way you hold yourself and the way you move on the floor…sensual and confident. LOVE IT!” We love them too.

When not at the studio you’ll still find Bernadette out and about. “You will usually see me walking with a purpose around the city with my iPod earphones in listening to music going to either Mecca (Skin specialist) or MHJ (Office Admin)…otherwise, I will be at the local coffee shop chatting with people there or reading a book.”

Sounds like the best of all worlds to us. Thanks so much for sharing with us Bernadette. We love having you as our studio manager.

Make sure you say hi to Bernadette when you’re next in the studio!

Meet Bernadette, Salsabor's new studio manager