It took three moves for our Salsa instructor James to woo his love, Jenny. We’re not sure if they included dance moves but we guess it was a mixture of dance and a lot of admiration.

They met on the dance floor. Jenny was primarily dancing Zouk and James was primarily dancing Salsa. The different styles didn’t deter James from asking or stop Jenny from saying yes though. If anything it added some spice to their first dance.


“We ended up dancing a hybrid of both when we danced together and it worked out well,” James said with a smile.

It certainly did. After this initial meeting it took three months before they became a couple. Three really was their magic number.

Jenny was well and truly wooed. She particularly liked that he was a good dancer, a really nice guy and that he was not afraid to show his interest in her either.

For James, “I saw a beautiful woman who was also a beautiful dancer. Her confidence on the dance floor struck me immediately!”

So how did it turn to love?

“We started dating and seeing each other more and more, and we realised we had a strong connection, both on and off the dance floor,” James revealed. “We feel relaxed around each other and more than a couple, we are best friends.”

That dance is the glue that sticks them together is plain to see.

“Because of our mutual love of dancing we have something that really binds us in a way other activities can’t,” James explained. “We both feel passionate about dance and we both like to explore our dancing fully. We are also both dedicated to improve and feel that dance is the ultimate form of expression.”

“We train together and love social dancing with each other as well, and we feel that through strengthening our dancing bond we also strengthen our relationship.”


It’s no surprise then that dance is something they will do for the rest of their lives and James agrees.

“I’m sure we’ll keep doing so until we are old enough to dance in zimmer frames!”

Now that is something we would love to see!

Thank you so much for sharing your love story with us James and Jenny.