Although they both started their Latin dancing in different ways and at different times it was love at first dance for International Bachata Champions, Mitch and Ellicia.

They fell in love with not only the dancing “but everything else that came with it, the lifestyle, the release, the social outlet and as a place to make lifelong friends,” Ellicia shares.

Things that we at Salsabor also love, and why we are overjoyed to welcome Mitch and Ellicia back this weekend to teach us very special Bachata choreography.

Here’s the routine we learned for last years’ Canberra Latin Dance Festival.

Learn Bachata choreography from Mitch and Ellicia

It will feature a mix of traditional, sensual Bachata and elements of Bachatango that they’re so well know for. Being able to share their love of dance with us is what Mitch and Ellicia live for.

Dancing for Ellicia means “my life,” she said. “Having danced since I was four in other dance styles before coming to Latin six years ago, to me it is part of who I am.”

“I can truthfully say it runs in my blood. Without dance I think a huge piece of who I am would be missing as it’s something that I class as eating or sleeping. I would not just feel empty without it.”

And Bachata is Ellicia’s favourite dance style to teach.

“I am in love with the sensual style of Bachata,” she said. “I find this style so expressive and interpretive, and the slow nature of it lends it self to really add a lot of body movement and fluidity.”

For Mitch dance is what brought him back to life after a football injury seven years ago. He had learned to dance as a child and was lured away as a teen to football. But ultimately dance is where he returned, and he hasn’t looked back.

Learn Bachata choreography from Mitch and Ellicia at Salsabor

One of the moves you could learn from Mitch and Ellicia on Sunday

Mitch and Ellicia met a year after his return through a mutual friend who had dragged Ellicia to the Australian Dance Festival. They became dance partners straight away.

“We are celebrating our six years together this month!” Ellicia exclaimed.

“At the time Mitch was looking to take his dancing to the next level and find a partner he could move in that direction with,” Ellicia shares.

“I was very new to the Latin Dance scene, but being a trained dancer Mitch quickly snapped me up and we starting training together from there.”

“I joined Latin Dance Australia as an advanced student and partnered him and then the rest is history.”

It sure is.

They’re the current Australian Salsa Champions and New Zealand Dancesport Latin Champions for Salsa and Bachata, the quarter finalists at the 2012 World Salsa Open Puerto Rico, and the 2010 Australian Bachata Teams Champions. They’ve also traveled to more than 30 countries teaching and performing.

And most recently, Mitch and Ellicia are known for making the Australian Latin dance scene fall in love with the style of ‘Bachatango’, a fusion style dance that combines Bachata and Tango, which we’ll be learning a routine to this weekend.

“On Sunday, we are starting our team choreography for the Canberra Latin Festival in October,” she said. “This choreography course will run over three separate weekends, 12 hours of training in total.”

“The students will learn a great deal. The choreography is a mix of urban, sensual and traditional Bachata with a little hint of Bachatango.”

“What Mitch and I love the most is the ability to teach a great deal through these choreographies about the ‘how’ and the ‘whys’.

“We ourselves are very technical dancers and enjoy being able to not just ‘teach’ steps, but to also explain a great deal to the students about technique, lead and follow, and styling.” If you’re not already registered to join us on Sunday there is still time! Take this opportunity to learn from world champions and showcase your new moves at the Canberra Latin Dance Festival this October. You can register here. If you want to learn the choreography to add to your own Bachata expertise, you can do that too. Performing the routine at the festival is optional.

Learn to Bachata with Mitch and Ellicia

Oh, and if you ever wondered if you can have a day job and be an international dancing champion, you can. Ellicia runs her own accounting management business outside of dance.

Reach for the stars we say. Dance and be whatever else you want to be.

See you on Sunday!