Salsabor is no ordinary dance school. As well as a place to learn to dance, it’s where many people, over 100, have found love. And from these 50 couples, has come ten weddings and four beautiful babies, so far. 

It’s not unusual to be swept up in the romance and fire of latin dance, but for it to remain says something very special about the community at Salsabor.

Our own Co-Directors found love through dance so it makes sense that their school would see others fall in love too.

In celebration of love at Salsabor, we will be sharing stories of these couples in a special love series starting today with the story of Eva Li and Michael Kucharski (pictured).

Eva and Michael first met at Salsabor back in the old studio in the middle of term three in 2013.

“Michael was doing Zouk Improver and at the time I was doing Zouk Beginner,” Eva said. “The improvers were asked to grab a beginner for a warm-up dance.

“And that’s when we first met and had our first dance together. The following term we were both taking Zouk Improver together.”

Attraction at first sight.

“When I first laid eyes on Michael, my first thought was that he was super cute and tall (tick and tick),” Eva said.

“He always seemed so happy and had the nicest smile. That was one of my favourite qualities about him.”

Michael, on his first impression of Eva: “I was like ‘Dayuuuuuum’… Eva was easy on the eye and she gave me a great smile when we always partnered up.”

“We also had a great dance connection, which made me always look forward to dancing with her in class when we switched partners.”

Despite the instant attraction, it took some time before a first move was made. It was Michael who made it.

“Of course!” Eva exclaims. Although it “took him pretty much a year to ask me out,” she said. “He asked me out on the 13th of September 2014 (my birthday).”

From there it turned to love.

Initially they both thought it was just a ‘dance crush’ but once they took dance out of the picture and actually got to know each other, it turned into a real emotional connection.


And now that they’re a couple, dancing is still something they both love and enjoy.

“Dance is a very big part of both of us,” Eva said. “We’ve both started learning a new style together (Kizomba) and we practice together when we get the chance.”

And to the future?

“We look forward to traveling and dancing around the world together,” Eva said.

Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Eva and Michael.