The sensual movements of Kizomba are coming to Salsabor in Term 2 under the expert instruction of Lam Lakiz. What is Kizomba and who is Lam Lakiz? Well pull up a chair and let us provide you with some insight.

Kizomba, which originated in Angola in South Africa, is one of the fastest growing dance styles in the world combining flow, romance, and African rhythm.

Sounds pretty great, right? Here’s a short video to show you exactly how good it is.

Did you take a look?

If you’ve been dancing for a while, you’ll most likely have noticed a few familiar moves in the video. Especially for all you Zouk and Bachata dancers.

Meet your instructor

Lam Lakiz, a dancer with over 20 years experience in Soukous, Rumba, Ndombolo, Traditional African dances, Coupe Decalle and more, will be your instructor in Kizomba next term.

Lam will teach Kizomba at Salsabor
Here’s Lam

Since moving to Australia from Mozambique in 2007, Lam has traveled and performed as the choreographer and dancer for ‘Vox Congo’ (Congolese band based in Melbourne) and has also explored all Latin styles of dance.

He has been travelling around Australia sharing his passion for Kizomba and African rhythms in various dance festivals and has participated in the Africadancar Asia-Pacific Competition in Perth where he came second and qualified for the finales in Portugal for the International Kizomba Competition.

Lam teaching Kizomba
Lam doing his thing teaching Kizomba

Lam, who was born in the Congo in Central Africa, grew up with a love for Zouk (the Caribbean-fused origin of Zouk Lambada). He started to dance Soukous, Ndombolo and traditional Congolese dances shortly after he learned to walk. In early adulthood, he moved to Mozambique (South East Africa) where he developed a passion for Kizomba (from Angola).

Now a Canberra local, Lam will soon be sharing this passion for dance with Salsabor!

Excited to give Kizomba a try? You can book in for Kizomba starting on 27 April now.


Kizomba in action at a Festival. Can you picture yourself doing the same?