New curriculums, more events, competitions, and special workshops are some of what we have planned for you this year. You may also experience the happiness found at Disneyland with us too.

Yep, Disneyland, you read right. Our student Cheng Yu did last year and he’ll be back to join us again this year, he had that much fun. This is what he had to say:

We loved hearing that Salsabor is the happiest place in Canberra to Cheng. It feels like Disneyland to us too. If you’re looking for some more happiness this year then we’d love for you to join us, starting this coming Monday 25 January.


We’ve updated the Salsa and Zouk curriculums taking into account all of the feedback you passed on. We want to make sure you feel confident and inspired in your dancing as well as achieve all of your dancing desires with us.

We’re bringing back all of our events from last year as well as bringing you some new events. We’re going to have social dancing competitions on Latin Mondays and we’re bringing special workshops with national Latin dance guests as well as workshops in every dance style.


Social comps at Latin Mondays!

If you are joining us, be prepared to feel happy, start new friendships (maybe even lifelong ones) and become part of the Salsabor family! And if you’re umming and ahhing because you’ve never danced before, have a read of Cheng’s experience with us last year and how his fears of being laughed at were unfounded. In fact he never felt more supported.

Here are a few snippets from his story:

“…I signed up for beginner salsa and never turned back. Instructors at Salsabor are passionate. Amy Walker would always give me nice tips on improving the moves, “make sure your hands are holding up.” JP told me, “basics are important.” Other instructors, such as Hamed, James, Jenny, Jasmine…, impressed me with their moves. Their stories prove that it is absolutely possible to learn salsa at any age, regardless of background.

“And the learning experience was fun. During lessons JP would substitute the music lyrics with his own improvisation while using Spanglish for steps “uno dos tres, cinco seis site”.

“One thing is certain. I will keep learning salsa in 2016.”

Thanks Cheng! We can’t wait to have you dancing with us this year.

Experience Disneyland at Salsabor

Our instructor, JP, doing his thing!

Are you joining us? What are you excited about for 2016? Come over and let us know on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you.