We love our students, there’s no doubt about it, and we love helping them with their dancing journey. Dancing for us is a lifestyle and we know it is the same for many of them too. And so that is why we have special Facebook groups for all of our classes so our students can continue to learn and connect outside of organised classes and events.

As part of the Facebook groups our students have access to:

  • video clips of moves they have learnt in class so they can keep practicing at home
  • music to practice their moves whenever they want
  • info on upcoming events where they can show off their moves and dance to their heart’s content
  • handy dancing etiquette tips to take their dancing to the next level (download a copy by clicking on the link)
  • info on where to go dancing so they can experience salsa whenever they want
  • answers to any burning questions they may have.
  • and more.

Once a part of the group, they can post their own videos, photos, questions and feedback to make it even more of an interactive community. It really is the student experience that makes Salsabor such a great place.

Our students love the Facebook groups and that they provide another way to continue to learn and stay in touch with their fellow students.

So when you register to learn with Salsabor, know that you’re getting so much more than a dance class, you are gaining a ongoing opportunity to connect with a vibrant and fun community.

Salsabor students dancing with style             The fun an vibrant community that makes up Salsabor

Want to know more about the Facebook groups? Send an email to info@salsabor.com.au with your questions and we’ll get right back to you.

Keep dreaming with your feet!

Andrea and Raquel

Directors Salsabor