For Amy, a Salsa instructor with Salsabor, the best thing about dance is that it really allows her to express herself in her own unique way through a mixture of power, passion and self-expression.

“Dancing really makes me feel alive,” she said. “When I step onto the dance floor, I feel an instant surge of energy throughout my body. When the music starts, I’m in my zone and I’ve completely forgotten about any worries or stress of daily life. It’s just me, my partner, and the music.”

And she loves nothing more than to share this love with her students.

Meet your instructor Amy Walker

“When you really love something, you want to share it with the world and that’s why I love to teach,” she said “Salsabor has given me the opportunity to do what I love and share it with the community.”

“I love to inspire students and push them to become the best dancer they can be. I feel so rewarded when my students master a move or combo and I can watch their confidence grow with each class.”

Her students can expect that each term they will be challenged and pushed to become the best dancer they can be.

“Classes will be more than just learning dance steps, they will be about learning how to express yourself through dance, building confidence and experiencing a fun, open and relaxing escape from daily life,” she said.

As to her favourite thing to teach, she loves the beginner classes.

“No matter what style you take, the foundations will always be the most important,” she said. “Quite often, the new students are very shy and uncertain of their dancing abilities. But after the very first lesson, they can physically witness their own progress and I can see the sense of accomplishment on their faces. Throughout the term, I see confidence grow, friendships form and a new addiction of dance sets in.”

Meet your instructor Amy Walker

Away from her dancing her passions still revolve around the Latin world.

“Latin dancing is my ultimate passion as it is a combination of my other passions, Spanish culture and teaching,” she said. “I started learning Spanish many years ago and my teachers opened my eyes to the beautiful cultures of Spain and Latin-America. They encouraged us to listen to Latin music to help us with the language and, of course, this is where I found Salsa and Bachata.”

“At the same time, I was studying my degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Teaching just brings me a great sense of satisfaction, I love watching students’ progress and knowing that I am bringing a positive experience to their life. Teaching dance is simply a combination of the things I love doing.”

Isn’t she lovely? We love having her as part of the Salsabor family as do her students. Thanks for sharing your passion for dance and all things Latin and Spanish culture with us Amy.

You can join Amy next term in her Salsa classes on 15 August.