You’ve had a dream for the longest time of dressing up in sequins and strutting your stuff with a boa. And when you think strut you mean with sass and class.

You want to be a showgirl. You want to shake it and let out your inner roar.

We have the know-how to make you one. And there’ll be feathers, bling and colour while we do it.

Bring out your inner showgirl at Salsabor

You’ll be strutting just like this!

As part of the Burlesque Open class this term starting on Monday at 6.10pm you’ll learn a fun routine that you’ll get to perform at the end of term party.

Or if you want to learn without performing you can do that too. We’re all about fun and doing what you want to do at Salsabor.

This term Justina, your instructor, has a new routine that’ll feature a taste of broadway and cabaret.

Bring out your inner showgirl at Salsabor

Your wonderful instructor, Justina.

“I personally enjoy teaching this class because I believe that every lady out there deserves to know how beautiful they are and feel good about themselves,” Justina said.

“My desire for my students has always been that they grow in confidence in themselves and enjoy the process .. and pretty costumes always help!”

Indulge in sparkly costumes, have fun getting cheeky and make new friendships this term learning burlesque. And if you dare, you could be performing at the end of the term like in this video.

Go on, you know you want to.