The art of Latin dance is a tricky one to master, let alone teach someone else. But samba instructor Megan makes it look effortless.

As with all the best things in life, we found Megan while we weren’t even looking. Completely by accident and with all the luck on our side. She was hard to miss when we spotted her sashaying across the stage at the Canberra Latin Dance Festival in 2015. She was a show stopper, and still is.

She joined the Salsabor family in January last year and ever since, it’s been such a joy watching her help students gain confidence and love dance.


Megan with her beautiful samba students at a photoshoot at the Highball Express

With teaching in her blood, we’re not surprised that Megan has become one of our superstar instructors and so deserving of the Most Outstanding Instructor Award for Term 2.

“Both of my parents are teachers and I grew up in a household where teaching techniques were often discussed,” she says. “I have held dear that just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you’ll be good at teaching it. I try and focus on creating a safe environment for students to grow in confidence and understanding.”

Her finesse performances stem from her poised personality and she’s been a true asset to Salsabor for more than just her killer moves.

Megan’s classes always get visitors side-stepping along. Her energy tends to have you feeling less like Jell-O and more like J-Lo! “I love the atmosphere we have created in our samba classes,” says Megan. “People feel safe to have fun, make a fool of themselves, and try new things! It’s a diva-free zone!” Yassss, Queen!


After receiving her Most Outstanding Instructor Award for Term 2, 2017, Megan with Andrea and Raquel

Megan’s passion for dance is obvious in every move she makes, a celebration of everything we value here at Salsabor.

She tells us she loves how samba makes her feel, and we love how we feel watching her dance. Win-win Megan! “I love how samba makes you feel happy, celebrates the female form and gets you fit,” she tells us. “The music is so infectious and you can’t not feel happy when hearing it!”

Her presence is calming and she has a true gift when it comes to making people feel comfortable in a space and in their own skin. “I love to see people’s growth, and the friendships that are formed from creating a positive, uplifting atmosphere for people to learn in,” says Megan.


When she isn’t tearing up the floor at Salsabor, Megan spends most of her time running her own business. “I supply the samba dancers of Australia and the region with authentic samba queen costumes from Rio,” she says. Yeah, no biggie… if only we could all pull them off like Megan.

Congratulations again and thank you Megan, for being so great at what you do.

Come on down to our free Open Day on Saturday, 12 August so you can try samba (and all other styles we teach) for yourself. You may even get hooked!