Just a year ago, a girl with a warm smile, a curiosity for dance and a thirst to master the art of something new made her way into the Salsabor studio. Twelve months on and our dance family hasn’t been the same since.

We’re super proud (like, ‘Dance Mom proud’) of Emilie’s progress, which is why we’re thrilled to grant her the Most Outstanding Student Award for Term 2. Girl, you earned it!


 After receiving her Most Outstanding Student Award for Term 2, 2017, Emilie with Andrea and Raquel

Emilie’s love for dance is infectious and her energy fills a room. “When I’m dancing I’m always smiling because I am super happy,” she says. “I love that feeling of joy that dancing brings me.”

The way she blurs the lines between dance and emotion is effortless, bridging the gap between movement and feeling like a seasoned pro. “Moving your body is a form of expressing yourself and it brings out the sparkle inside you!” Emilie tells us.

Social Dancing

We know better than anyone that picking a favourite class is like picking a favourite child (kind of), and Emilie feels our pain.

“I love everything but I have to say that this year, samba has taken over my heart,” she says. “It’s so much fun in class and it has helped me massively with my body movements, especially my hips.” And those hips definitely don’t lie. This girl knows how to work a dancefloor!

Samba Performance

Whether she’s social dancing or just having a night out, Emilie says the song ‘Odio’ by Romeo Santos and Drake is her jam. “I have to dance every time I hear it,” she says. “I heard it for the first time when I started going social dancing and it was the first bachata song that I ever Shazam’ed because I was totally in love with it!” Makes sense, everyone loves some Drizzy and bachata.

Since joining us, Emilie says she’s definitely happier and more active now with dance in her life. “And I get to meet new people all the time and interact with people from different cultures, which is awesome,” she says.

Dancing aside, Emilie tells us the best part of learning with Salsabor has been the amazing friendships she’s made. “The classes are always fun and everyone is friendly,” she says. “It’s a great atmosphere and I look forward to each class every week. I’ve also been taught by awesome instructors and each one of them has contributed in making me the dancer that I am today.”

We can’t wait to watch Emilie grow as a dancer and apply herself. And apparently, Emilie is pretty pumped as well. “I’m looking forward to doing zouk classes again” she tells us. “I want to improve my technique and get better at following the lead when I go to social dancing nights.”

Along with the rest of our dance family, Emilie can’t wait to try the new zouk room that launched last night at our weekly social. So to catch Emilie and the rest of our talented, passionate crew, hit us up at Latin Tuesdays at the Highball from 6.30pm every Tuesday. See you there!