You know those down days where nothing seems to go right? The ones where you really wished you were doing something else.

We’ve all had those days. They’re a bummer.

And it seems that when you’re in those days nothing can bring you back up except for maybe chocolate. Chocolate always seems to work.

The trick with chocolate though is stopping. Because when you have one piece, you really end up having five. It tastes so good.

I have nothing against a few pieces but instead of stuffing yourself with chocolate to get happy, there’s something else that is guaranteed to lift your mood and get you fit while doing it. It’s even been scientifically proven.


Yes, the dance fitness craze is a lot more than jumping around. As well as firming and toning your body, Zumba will make you feel good. Really good.

It will pump you full of endorphins, the happy hormones we all love, and make your heart stronger and your body leaner.

And even more, it’ll keep you feeling good long after the class is finished.

If you’ve tried Zumba with Salsabor you’ll know that their Zumba is no ordinary Zumba. It’s high energy, crazy fun and suitable for all ages. And coming up this term starting on Monday are party lights at all class locations.

You’ll still have your awesome instructors, Hayley and Alicia, and a new face in Felipe who is joining the gang.

Hayley is our English pocket rocket who did her training in Zumba in Europe two years ago and has not looked back.

Get happy with Zumba at Salsabor

Hayley will have you rocking it

Being on stage and sharing the Zumba love is Hayley’s true home. Her classes are filled to the brim with energy and enthusiasm, and she loves nothing more than challenging her students to let go, have fun, and scream loud.

Alicia with a background in Spanish was hit with the Zumba bug in 2009 and ever since then has not been able to get enough. Zumba for Alicia is more that exercise, it’s a party. If you’re wanting to unwind from a busy day at the office or leave that down day behind, Alicia’s moves get you moving, singing and dancing any tension away.

Get happy with Zumba at Salsabor

Alicia will get you happy!

Felipe, originally from South America, loves his Latin culture which you can see when he teaches. His love for Zumba is contagious. His charisma, humor and cheekiness will have you laughing, dancing and singing. His classes are amazing and we would highly recommend joining his party!

Get happy with Zumba at Salsabor

Felipe doing his thing

These three have got a fun-packed 10 weeks ready for you to ditch the chocolate and get happy high on Zumba.

Also starting this term, you can now use your 10-week passes across two terms (the one coming up and the next) in case you miss a class.

And no experience needed. You can pick up the moves as you go.

There are three times available in term 2 that you can book into now.

Mondays 6:15pm – 7:15pm with Alicia in Franklin
Tuesdays 6:30pm – 7:30pm with Felipe in Belconnen
Wednesdays 6:20pm – 7:20pm with Hayley in Dickson

So come and get happy at Zumba with Hayley, Alicia and Felipe starting next week. Your body and endorphins will love you for it.