As the 18th of February rolls around tomorrow so does the first anniversary of Salsabor losing our studio to fire.

The fire was a big turning point for us and could have seen the end of the school (our financial adviser said many businesses couldn’t recover after an event like that).

And yet we did recover thanks to our wonderful community and family, and we now have stunning new studios and are even more passionate about our beautiful community and school.

Change is always a good thing if you let it. And for us we are grateful for how it helped us connect even more closely with our community and build Salsabor into a stronger and more vibrant school.

To commemorate a year on for Salsabor, we wanted to share a few before and after photos of our new studios and show you the difference a lot of elbow grease and love can do to transform a run down office space into a world-class dance venue!

carpet ripped up          barestudio

Yes, there was carpet hiding the beautiful floors of our Studio 1. They don’t make floors like this anymore!

andrea    sinkwide

Can you recognise the entrance to Studio 1? Looks very different now.


andreajulia  allhands

Cleaning and polishing the cupboards and drawers for the kitchen in Studio 2. And all hands on deck!

PicMonkey Collage

And the finished studios, sparkly and shiny after their huge transformation. We love them so much.

Thanks everyone for being there for us then, now and in the future. We appreciate all of you.
Raquel and Andrea.