With 2017 around the corner you’re probably starting to think about how your new dancing year is going to look. Do you start a new style or go deeper into a style you’re currently dancing?

Last year, one of our students, Jenny Choi, was asking herself the same questions before buying herself a Bronze Pass during the special Christmas promotion.

Bachata Workshop

She started with a term and then ended up having a fabulous year dancing all the styles including Salsa, Samba, and Bachata, and even went so far as to perform Samba at the recent Canberra Latin Dance Festival.

Jenny loves dancing for its capacity to help her stay fit and have fun at the same time. “I’m not one to go to the gym or over-exert myself for the sake of exercise,” she said. “I love that dance is a fun way to get fit and the best part is it doesn’t even feel like exercise! Also, no matter what level you’re at, there’s always something new to learn. I’ve met so many great people, both classmates and instructors. Everyone has such different backgrounds yet we all come together through dance.”

Although the Bronze Pass let her try all the styles, Jenny’s favourite style is Samba. “Rather than just concentrating on getting everyone to move right, it feels like a bunch of us just having fun and dancing about as we wish,” she said.

“Since there is no partner work we dance more as individuals in a group. As such, we all have our own little flair, even with the same moves so we even learn from each other. There is also a lot of freestyling involved in Samba so we tend to ad lib a lot, which encourages our creativity and confidence.”

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Before we go, remember that we have our End of Year Fiesta on this Friday 9 December. It is our last main event of the year and it will feature some amazing performances and great tunes to keep you dancing all night long.

Tickets $30 through the website or $35 from 8 December and at the door on the night.