It’s no secret that at Salsabor we value friendship and family. Many of our students have become great friends (and part of our family) through meeting at our studio and during our classes.

One of these students was Eva, who met a great friend, Stefano, and introduced another, Angela, to the love of dancing at Salsabor, with her friend Katherine when they first started dancing with us in 2013.

Great friendships start at Salsabor

Great friends who dress up together, stick together. Angela, Andrea, Eva and Kathy all getting their 80s vibe on.

“Shortly after we started taking Salsa Beginner 1, Kathy and I introduced one of our good friends Ange into Latin dancing and we haven’t stop dancing since,” she said.

“It was during my 2nd/3rd term that I met Stefano through Alejandro. We became good friends and Stefano shortly became part of the gang.”

Great friendships start at Salsabor

You can selfie and dance at the same time. Alejandro, Stefano and Eva.

Eva was drawn to dancing and Salsabor because she’d “always admired people who can dance.” She also thought “it would be a great medium for meeting new people and it is!”

“I’ve met some truly amazing people through the dance scene,” she said. This includes her partner, Michael. We shared their story as part of our love series a few weeks ago in case you missed it.

Although Eva already knew Kathy and Angela before dancing, since dance, she can say that they’ve definitely become closer.

Great friendships start at Salsabor

“We share such a strong love for it, and Stefano has a very similar humour to us that we just clicked straight away,” she said.

“Kathy is like my sister from another mother; we have very similar characteristics. Angela is very down to earth; I love our talks together and she never fails to make me laugh. Stefano is a comedian, he has the ability to make any conversation funny/inappropriate.”

They still catch up outside of dance. Stefano a little less as he’s now moved to Sydney. They’re still great friends regardless.

“We naturally enjoy each others company and whenever we were together you can guarantee that there were always lots of laughter,” she said.

Great friendships start at Salsabor

And nothing means friendship than lots of laughter.

Looking to meet new people and expand your friendship circle or make your friendships even stronger? There’s still time to join Term 3 that has only kicked off this week. Bring a friend and beat the winter blues at Salsabor. No better way to stay warm than through dance (and through laughter).