Frequently Asked Questions

New to Salsabor and dancing? We’ve compiled answers to our most commonly asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, send it through to and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Getting Started FAQS

I'd like to learn to dance but don't have a partner. Does this matter?

Partners are optional at Salsabor as we rotate partners in classes and ensure we have an even number of students to accommodate solo dancers. We find that rotating students helps you experience different dance partners and is a great way of meeting new people, which we highly encourage at Salsabor. We also offer Burlesque and Samba, which are unpartnered classes, if you would prefer a solo dance style. Samba is open to women.

How do I enroll in a class ?

All enrollments are made through this website. If you are new to Salsabor, go to the Classes page and select the style of dance and level you are interested in. Select the time you would prefer to attend (if that option is available) and then Add to cart. You’ll then see a message at the top that says your product is added. You can continue browsing and adding classes or you can go to checkout by clicking on ‘View cart’ and then ‘Proceed to checkout’. If you have a coupon, you can enter your code now or at checkout.

At checkout, you will be required to fill out your details, including your email address so you can receive your order. Choose your method of payment, accept the terms and conditions and then click ‘Place order’. You’ll be directed to a ‘Your order has been received’ page as well as emails confirming your order. Now that your details have been saved, next time you place an order, log into your existing account first.

How do memberships work?

We offer two levels of membership options, Bronze and Gold.

Membership Passes entitle you to participate in ALL* regular weekly classes (your level and below) that are held at Salsabor.

Gold Pass: 5 TERM membership – $1999 (includes T-Shirt | 20% off one pair of dance shoes)
Bronze Pass: 1 TERM membership – $500 (includes 20% off one pair of dance shoes)

* Excludes workshops, some choreography courses, Latin Tuesdays, Events and Parties. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

To register for memberships, please email for more information.

What level should I enroll into ?

If you have never tried the dance style you are interested in, we recommend you start at the absolute beginners level. This is the most important level of all as it gives you a strong foundation to build upon. If you have danced before but not for a while, we suggest you choose a level you believe would best suit you and we can then decide whether to move you to a more appropriate level if needed.

What do I need to wear ?

For classes where you dance with a partner, such as salsa, zouk and bachata, we recommend you wear comfortable casual clothing. For Burlesque and Samba, we recommend you wear loose fitting gym pants or tracksuit pants with a stretchy singlet top or t-shirt.

What shoes do I wear ?

For Burlesque, we recommend jazz shoes, socks or flat smooth sole shoes. If you have dancing shoes please bring them along to see how they feel.

For Samba, we recommend Jingas, exceptionally lightweight and flexible dance shoes for men and women.
For partner classes, such as Salsa, Zouk and Bachata, we recommend flat smooth sole shoes or dance shoes and Jingas. If you would like to purchase dance shoes, we sell Jingas and a range at the studio.

Where can I park ?

The most convenient and reasonably priced car-park is the Canberra Centre. Entry is $2 after 6pm, Monday – Thursday.

Am I able to start mid-term ?

After week 3 we do not take on new students unless they have a private lesson to catch up on any of the skills they would have missed. This ensures a smooth transition in the group classes. If you are still keen to start mid-term, email us and we will send you information on private lessons and a voucher discounting the classes you have missed.

Is the newsletter subscription offer available to me ?

The free Latin dance class voucher is a once off offer and only applies to the first subscription.

Once Started FAQS

What happens if I miss a class ?

If you miss a class in Salsa Beginner 1 and Beginner 2, you are welcome to take make up classes in the other beginner 1/2 class at any time during the term. Alternatively, you can do a make up lesson at our Latin Social Nights. If you miss more than two consecutive classes, please contact us to organise a private lesson. Privates classes start at $85 per person.

Can I swap classes once I've begun ?

If you would like to swap your classes to a different style, different time or different level, please send us an email with your exact request.

Can I defer my classes once they've begun ?

If you need to defer classes due to special circumstances* a $20 administration fee is required. *If you believe you are eligible for special consideration, it is your responsibility to contact Salsabor within 1 week of your change in circumstance. Salsabor will treat appeals on a case by case basis at the Director’s discretion.

Do you offer refunds ?

Salsabor offers a 7 day cooling off period from the date of your purchase for cancellations and refunds. After this time Salsabor does not refund the purchase price.

I'd like to start practicing the moves I learnt in class with music, what do you recommend ?

We’ve created ten playlists for all your Latin dancing desires. You can access them straight from our website or follow us directly on Spotify.

You can choose from Salsa Slow, Salsa Medium, Salsa Fast, Bachata,Samba, Zouk, Cha Cha, Wedding, Reggaeton, and a Latin Mix.

We know how important it is to practice outside of classes and so wanted to give you all great music to practice to straight away.

Is there somewhere to practice my new moves ?

Yes we run a social night every Tuesday that starts at 6.30pm. It a great place to practice your dancing in a fun and friendly environment. Enjoy the best Salsa, Zouk and Bachata, while also ending early during a week.

For anyone new to Latin dancing we have an absolute Latin Taster Lesson at 6.30 pm which is FREE and runs for 20 minutes and is followed by a 45 minute Open Beginner (walk in). The Open Beginner class is for dancers new to dancing, and also for dancers who want to refresh and finesse their basic technique.

Start your week off right and make it a dancing date at Latin Tuesdays at The Highball Express. For more details click here.

Do classes still run on public holidays ?

Yes all our classes still run on all public holidays.

Specific Class FAQS

What's involved in a private lesson ?

Private lessons are the best way to fast track your learning as they are taken one on one or as a couple. All the attention is on you and will help you to achieve your specific dancing goals.

We hold private lessons at our Civic studio on:

Thursday and Friday between 12pm – 5pm Saturday and Sunday between 11am – 4pm

And prices are:
1 hour one person $85
1 hour couple $95
Private classes must be pre-paid.
(If you pre-pay for five private lessons you will receive 10% discount).
Any cancellations are accepted if made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.
To find out more and make an appointment, please email us at

What's involved in bridal lessons ?

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Your bridal dance is a special moment on your wedding day and we love nothing more than helping couples dance confidently and stylishly. In just a few private lessons with Salsabor you will have the confidence to add that special touch to your reception celebrations. We specialise in a many different styles including Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Cha Cha, Waltz and Rumba for your special wedding dance. To find out more, please email us at

I'm a visitor, am I able to watch a class ?

Thanks for your interest in our classes. To avoid distractions for our students, we do not allow watching of our classes.

If you want to see what’s involved in a class why not give the class a go instead? That way you can experience the beauty of dance for yourself.

You can do a casual class to try it out for $25. Email to book in.

Or you can book in for the full term for any of our classes here.

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