We’ve been having so much fun at our summer classes over the last week with still a few days left to go before it wraps up. And then we’ll have a short break before jumping into the ten week long classes that form term 1. We are pumped!

All of the regulars will be back, from Salsa, Samba, Zouk, Hip hop, Bachata, Cha Cha and Burlesque. And we’ll have the addition of Barre Attack and Reggaeton, the newest additions to the Salsabor family that have wowed the crowds during our summer classes.

We wrote about our love of Barre Attack and why it and dance is a match made in heaven last week in case you missed it. So we wanted to shed a bit more light on why Reggaeton is also rocking our world. We loved our first taste of it last week!

Reggaeton blends Jamaican, Reggae and Dancehall music with those of Latin America, as well as infusing dance moves from Afro, Hip Hop and Krump. It has a wealth of health benefits such as strengthening the cardiovascular system, improving flexibility, loosening muscles, increasing stamina, improving coordination, toning and tightening the body, and helping to shed excess body fat.

It is so much fun!

We were excited to welcome our Reggaeton teacher, Tasharna, to Salsabor last week when she ran the open Reggaeton class during our summer program. Tasharna, who is internationally-trained, is outgoing, friendly and committed to dance as a lifestyle. She’s danced for 13 years in various genres, mainly in Jazz and Hip-Hop.

“Gaining international experience with DC Crew, Nirvana, The Generals (Auckland based) & M.Eye.A (Auckland based), has enhanced my passion and love for dance,” she said.

You can still catch her at 7pm this Thursday or book straight in to her Term 1 classes starting 2 February.

You can also book in to all the other classes too! Book now to make sure you get your time and class of choice.

Can’t wait to see you at one of the remaining summer classes this week or on 2 February.