A tipsy Sarah singing karaoke solos to South Park songs 16 years ago at Charlton’s Pool Hall in Adelaide is where her partner Adam first met her.

He saw her and then… made a move on Sarah’s best friend. Not the best start to this love story but he soon discovered the error of his ways and realized that Sarah was the much nicer, far better looking one out of the two. How couldn’t he?

Sarah thought Adam was a cutie, except for the earring, which he thankfully got rid of later. Adam thought Sarah was lovely but had a terrible singing voice.

Despite this, a first date was organised. And it almost turned into the only date when it was gate crashed by Sarah’s mum. Adam wondered if a second date was really worth it. Fortunately for both of them they did go out again (without Sarah’s mum this time) and the rest is history with love following shortly after.

Salsabor Love Series with Sarah and Adam

When asked how it turned to love, “It just kind of happened,” Sarah said. “We knew pretty early on that we wanted to share our lives with each other.”

“We’ve always been really lucky to share interests and support each other’s goals, like living in Japan, changing careers, or learning to dance.”

Learning to dance salsa was Sarah’s idea although she never actually thought Adam would do it. But after that first salsa class “we were both hooked and couldn’t wait to try other styles,” she said.

“Learning to dance has been awesome,” Sarah said. “It has given us the opportunity to continually surprise ourselves about what we can do both individually and as a couple.”

“Opening the Sydney Latin Dance Festival with Bachata con Sabor after having only been dancing for just over a year was an amazing experience that we were so happy to be able to share. We are really proud of each other.”

For Sarah and Adam dance is now a part of their life that has brought some extra spice to their relationship.

“We dance pretty much every day,” she said. “It’s either classes, social dancing, or practicing for performances; there’s always something going on.”

“We love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!”

We wouldn’t either! Thanks for sharing your beautiful love story with us Sarah and Adam. We love having you as part of the Salsabor family! Take a look at Sarah and Adam at the Sydney Latin Dance Festival below.