The art of dance is a huge part of our lives at Salsabor. We’d also like to think that through teaching what we love, we can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

“I’m shy and I was even shyer before I started dancing,” says student Ilenia. “It takes time for me to open up to people, but I feel that something is changing and dancing is making me a better person.”

Her growth – not just as a dancer but also in confidence – has been a joy to watch. For this, as well as her dedication and tirelessness in the studio, she’s more than earned the award for Most Outstanding Student in Term 3.

Salsabor End of Term Fiesta - 5 August 2017 @ Belconnen Artts Centre

“I love dancing because I can express myself without talking too much,” says Ilenia. “I’m not the chattiest person and dancing makes everything easier, plus it is so much fun!”

No need for Ilenia to explain, her dancing really does speak for itself. She does everything with her whole heart, nothing less. And dancing is no exception.

“I love Salsa, and Bachata, and Samba,” she says. “But I have a love/hate relationship with Zouk.” But Ilenia can’t fool us, we’re sure she’ll be nailing the Zouk and getting in touch with her sensual side in no time!

Ilenia says her confidence and learning have flourished at Salsabor because she just feels so comfortable. “At Salsabor I found a bunch of lovely people, smiley faces, happy feet and warm hearts…all in one place!” she recalls fondly. “This made my learning experience more enjoyable and amusing”

Bachata Performance

The Salsabor family are firm believers that great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion. And nothing could be truer of Ilenia. After a minor injury left her unable to dance for a few weeks last term, we weren’t surprised when Ilenia kept showing up to class anyway.

“I was watching the others, listening to the music and dancing in my mind. That helped me heal much quicker!” says Ilenia, totally convinced.

It’s been an absolute pleasure teaching Ilenia and we can’t wait to see her grow and learn all she can at Salsabor. Congratulations on your award Ilenia, we are so proud to have you!