For anyone who has worn shoes that don’t fit all that well and ended up at the end of the day with feet covered in blisters, you would know how important it is to wear the right shoe.

The same can go for your dance shoe.

If you’re spinning on your toes all night long and getting down on the dance floor, having comfortable shoes with the right support is essential.

The problem is that with good support doesn’t always come good looks. Our new shoe range that hit the Salsabor studios this week are the exception. They are hot to trot AND extra supportive. Our new range is also the only one of it’s kind in Canberra at the moment.

The dance shoe fits at Salsabor

We have three different styles, all pictured. The black and silver at the top, the textured silver above, and the tan with diamontes below. Our shoes also…

  • Have memory foam in the innersole (the only shoe range in Canberra to have this and why your feet will love you).
  • Are incredibly comfortable (they’ve been tried and tested by our very own directors).
  • Have 2.5 inch height and solid heel dimension to give you perfect stability (no one is losing their balance on the dance floor with these beauties on).
  • Have a classic, beautiful look to go with any outfit (the hot to trot aspect).
  • Come in two widths, narrow and wide, to fit any foot (we deliver for all sizes and shapes).

Also, if you buy your pair before Monday, 5 September you will receive your essential shoe brush to keep your shoes clean and a shoe bag to keep your shoes protected.

The dance shoe fits at Salsabor

Our Director Andrea had this to say about the new shoes.”It’s so nice to finally find a shoe that fits my narrow foot.”

“What I love most of all is the comfort aspect!! The memory foam is a dream come true. I can dance all night long without the discomfort that I used to get. I hope you fall in love with them too!”

The dance shoe fits at Salsabor

We also have two new shoe styles for the guys. These beautiful and shiny black numbers below are one style and a black matte the other.

You can grab all styles from Salsabor Dance Studios. Every pair comes with a one year replaceable guarantee. If you grab them this week, remember you also get your essential shoe brush to keep your shoes clean and a shoe bag to keep your shoes protected. 

Find the right shoe that fits at Salsabor