From being a beginner to coming second in the Australian Latin Dance Championships in only 18 months, for Timothy, dance has become a central part of his life.

“Whilst learning to dance was something I’d wanted to try for some time, it would have been nice if I’d realised twenty years ago that dance was for me,” he said. “Instead, eighteen months ago was when I enrolled in the Salsa Beginner 1 class at Salsabor. My previous attempt at learning dance moves didn’t go so well. This time around I stuck with it, for which I’m very happy that I did because it has become such a big part of my life.”

But the reason why Timothy started dancing as to what keeps him on the dance floor is very different.

“I was going nuts having moved to Canberra a year earlier and didn’t know anyone,” he said. “I tried a whole range of social groups but they just didn’t do anything for me. It always felt like hanging out with strangers. I knew that dance classes were exciting from my previous attempt. Having a social aspect to it, I figured it was the right time for me to take another class and see where it all went.”

The inspiration to keep Timothy on the dance floor came from the first Latin social dance that he attended at the studio.

“I went with a lot of nerves but also a lot of excitement because I knew there would be a lot of really good dancers there,” he said. “I was only half way through the Salsa Beginner 1 classes. I knew that what the class instructors were saying about the importance of the social dance floor was true – it’s where you get to practice what you’ve learnt. I definitely needed the practice. I joke that I only knew three moves and I didn’t know them very well.”

Although, we believe, even with three moves you can still dance and do great on the social dance floor.

Discover the magic of dance with Salsabor.

“I was certainly right about there being a lot of fantastic dancers there,” Timothy said. “I’ll never forget what a crazy great awesome night it was. The energy was huge – the music was going, the lights were flashing, the dance floor was full.”

“Amongst it all there was one couple that stood out. Their passion and energy on the dance floor continue to inspire me today to keep pushing myself – to keep improving, to learn new skills – so that one day I can be as inspiring to others as that couple was to me.”

Dancing has changed Timothy’s life in many ways.

“Through dance, I discovered that life can be enjoyed. Before dance, life was getting way too hard and excruciatingly mundane. Being on the dance floor, I discovered my soul and all the life enriching energy in it. Dance has the ability to take the crappiest day and turn it into the best.”

Through dance Timothy discovered a lot of lovely people, many he sees regularly and that he now counts as friends.

“Meeting people and making new friends has been one of the best aspects of dance,” he said. “Through learning street Latin dance, I’ve gained an appreciation for other dance styles. I have a fondness for Dancehall and Tango. The Tango will have to wait though! I already have too much on my dance calendar.”

As to what he loves best about dancing, Timothy had this to share. “It’s easy to get bogged down with the minutiae of daily life. When the music starts, how the day was and how tomorrow will be doesn’t matter one little bit. I exist where the only things that matter are movement and passion with the music. This is probably why I don’t have the time nor the energy for people bringing me down on the dance floor. Positive energy people only, thanks!”

Discover the magic of dance with Salsabor.

Timothy getting down at 80s night.

We agree with you Timothy. When we’re on the dance floor the movement and passion takes over too.

Thankfully we have an amazing community in Canberra, one that Timothy also loves. “It’s such a vibrant and positive bunch of folks,” he said. “I love it! I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way.”

“The community is also supportive. I was blown away recently by the amount of people that messaged me and spoke to me in person when I was competing at the Australian Latin Dance Championships. It wasn’t just people that I knew, it was folks in the ACT that I’d never met before!” “That kind of response made me feel very special.”

Discover the magic of dance at Salsabor.

To someone thinking about learning to dance Timothy says, “Is there something stopping you from getting to the dance floor? Seriously though, dance is the best addiction to have. I’m not aware of any cure. I’m a social introvert and not a natural dancer. If I can make the magic happen, anyone can.”

“Dance is all about making magic. I want this to be my life.” And so it is.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Timothy. We love your energy and having you as part of our family.