You’ve seen the sensual and precise moves of experienced female dancers and you’ve wondered how you can do that too.

Wonder no longer.

Raquel is bringing you a very special styling course over three weeks starting this Friday to help you add the icing to your dancing. This ladies styling course will cover essential techniques to make everything you do look stylish, elegant and graceful.

Add the icing to your dancing with Raquel

“Styling brings everything together: footwork, technique, timing, spinning, and rhythm and musicality,” Raquel said. “It enables everyone to bring their own individuality and style to the dance floor.”

“Styling has enabled me to bring my own flavour to my dancing,” she said. “Everyone styles differently and I have been able to watch, learn and take away what I love most from many fantastic dancers.”

And you can learn all of her special styling techniques starting this Friday.

Raquel will breakdown styling to make it easy and fun for you to incorporate into your salsa social dancing. Whether you have only been dancing for a few months to a few years, there is something in this course for all levels.

“I’m there to give the ladies ideas of what they can do, and they can then pick and use what feels good for them,” she said. “And I love seeing the ladies walk out of the class more confident in their abilities, and not afraid to express their individuality on the dance floor.”

The class will include a warm up, refining basic technique, arm styling for all kinds of turns and spinning, and short shine sequences.

“I look forward to sharing as much knowledge as I can with the beautiful salseras of Canberra,” she said.

Ready to put the icing on your dancing?

The styling course starts this Friday at 6 pm to 7.30 pm and continues on Friday 4 September and Friday 11 September at the same time.

The cost is only $90 to have exclusive time with Raquel over four and a half hours. And at the end of it you walk out a dancer with techniques that let you bring more of you into your dance.

Be unmistakable in your style and join this styling series.

Register your spot now.