The Intermediate Salsa class has an added incentive to dance their hearts out; freshly baked cookies from Salsabor student Gryff Marshall. One day last year he showed up with cookies and now it’s become a special little tradition.

They were cookies that he’d loved from when he was young. “They’ve been a favourite of mine since I was little, I remember always asking my Mum to make them for us.” You can imagine special we felt to have them made for us.

Cookies and dance always go together at Salsabor

Gryff started with Salsabor almost two years ago in July 2014. When asked what drew him to dancing, he said, “I’ve always loved dancing one way or another, mostly by myself in the living room. But Stephanie (another member of the Salsabor family and a friend) suggested the idea initially, and I couldn’t say no, it seemed like a good idea at the time!”

A very good idea! For him and those of us lucky enough to sample his cookies.

Salsa was the style that got him started and it remains his favourite. “Salsa was and always will be my favourite; it’s the style that got me into Latin dancing, there is so much energy and life that you can share with everybody, and it always makes me energetic and excited.”

For Gryff, dancing has “definitely had a huge effect on my health; I feel happier and I am way more active. It has also given me the opportunity to make so many new friends across the time I’ve been dancing, now I can’t imagine my life without it.”

Cookies and Salsa always go together.

For anyone thinking about trying out dancing Gryff exclaims, “JUST DO IT!”

“I’ve already recommended Salsa to loads of people, and I can’t go on enough about how much I’d love to share that part of my life with everyone I meet.”

Thanks so much Gryff! We love having you as part of the Salsabor family. And because all of you are our family too here is Gryff’s famous cookie recipe. Even if you can’t experience them in class you can bake your own. And if you feel inspired to bring them to your class, you’ll definitely have willing tasters!

250g butter
1 cup brown sugar
1.5 cups wholemeal self raising flour
6 tablespoons of cacao
Half cup choc bits
5 handfuls berry fruity bix

Soften the butter
Crush the fruity bix
Mix everything together

Place balls of mixture on greased baking tray.
Bake in preheated oven at 180°C for about 12 to 15 minutes.
Allow to cool slightly then remove from tray and place on rack to harden.
Then eat!