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At Salsabor, we believe family and friendship is everything. It helps people feel inspired to try something new, find their confidence, and achieve things they may not normally achieve on their own. Our uniting ingredient is Latin dance and Latin culture that we grew up living and breathing.
If you are looking for a second home where you will learn to dance well and experience the Latin culture, you’ll find it at Salsabor.
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All 8 week courses are $160 excluding special choreography courses.

Bronze Term Passes are $500. Gold Yearly Memberships are $1999.


Salsa is one of the most popular Latin dance styles with it’s origin in Cuba and South America. Today it has influences from many dance styles and countries, and is a global phenomenon.
Become immersed in the conga beats and get hooked on the joy this music and dance will bring to your life.
Warning: Salsa is addictive!
At Salsabor, we offer 5 levels from beginner to advanced.
To register, simply click on the Book Now button and select the level you wish to enroll in.

I loved the attention to detail from the instructors. The way salsa was explained and taught showed they really know how to get the best out of students. As a nervous beginner I was quickly put at ease and found it to be a really comfortable and fun environment to learn to dance.”  Salsa Level 1 student, Phillipa Lancaster


Bachata originates from the Domincan Republic and has quickly become one of the most popular Latin dance styles around the world.
It has become so popular, there is now a hashtag to accompany it’s explosive popularity #bachataistakingover
At Salsabor we are lucky enough to have Canberra’s pioneers of this beautiful dance as your instructors.
There are 5 levels to choose from, Beginner to Advanced.
To register, simply click on the Book Now button and select the level you wish to enroll in.

“They were great with instruction and were able to break each part up. They had a great disposition which made the class fun as well.” Beginner Bachata Student, Angela Southwell


Zouk is originally from the Caribbean Islands with heavy influences from Brazil. Also known as Brazilian Zouk or Zouk Lambada, it’s characterised by a quick-quick-slow rhythm and a heart-beat like base line. It’s often remixed with R&B, Pop and Electronic music.
The dance is recognised by its rag doll like movements, with the ladies head, hair and contortion of the body, leaving a sense that she is completely taken by the music. Zouk is a truly intoxicating style that will make you free your body and mind on the dance floor. The deep connection between the dancers and the music is what creates the passionate atmosphere that Zouk is known for.

There are 3 levels to choose from. To book, click on the Book Now button and select the level you with to enroll in.

“All the instructors were incredibly helpful and very friendly, they made the experience the best they could every single time and every time they delivered.” Zouk Student


All the way from Brazil to heart of Canberra. Come and connect with the traditions and grace of Brazilian dance in a fun and energetic class, then shake your booty in the spirit of carnival. The class is always new and energetic, yet steps will be broken down without sacrificing the fun and energy. Learn the samba step along with many other vibrant, fast paced, sensual and connected movements.
You will get a workout, you will smile.
There are two levels to choose from. To book, click on the Book Now button and select the level you with to enroll in.


If you’ve ever wanted to be a Vegas showgirl, steal the spotlight on Broadway or groove like a diva on centre stage then this course is a must! It’s time for glitz, glamour and a lot of razzle dazzle. During this course you will learn a fun, sexy and sassy choreography while improving your confidence, musicality, audience interaction, performance style and character development. Routines will range from old school burlesque music to current chart topping hits, paired with use of varying props over the terms, this course will definitely keep you on your toes!

During the course you will learn a performance. Taking part in a showcase is optional and you are still welcome to join the course even if you are only looking to have a little fun with Burlesque!

Kindly read the Performance Agreement before registering as all students registering for this course are expected to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions laid out in the agreement –Burlesque_performance_agreement.

Cha Cha

Ever wondered why Cha Cha has become one of the most popular Latin dances in the world? Well now is the time to find out! Rhonda will teach you some of her favourite cha cha shines from her repertoire she has built up over many years of dancing this style.
Knowledge of the cha cha basics is recommended, however not essential.
To register, simply click on the Book Now button and select the level you wish to enroll in.

Belly Dance

Belly Dancing is a beautiful art form originating in the Middle East. It combines a great sense of tradition fused with contemporary dance styles.  It offers amazing benefits to you and your dancing.

It will improve your posture, flexibility and overall body strength which is key in samba dancing, and other dance styles.

Learn from a world class belly dancer Cynthia Copa, who was professionally trained in India by renowned and exceptional dance masters. Click here to watch her in action.


We offer two levels of membership options, Bronze and Gold.

Membership Passes entitle you to participate in ALL* regular weekly classes (your level and below) that are held at Salsabor.

Gold Pass: 5 TERM membership – $1999 (includes T-Shirt | 20% off one pair of dance shoes)
Bronze Pass: 1 TERM membership – $500 (includes 20% off one pair of dance shoes)

* Excludes workshops, holiday classes, some choreography courses, Latin Tuesdays, Events and Parties. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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