If you’ve been looking for a centrally located studio space for your classes, workshops or events, our Salsabor studios could be for you.

No longer do you have to limit your business to one location. Our beautifully appointed studios located in the heart of the city can be a wonderful way for you to extend the reach of your business to an extensive working community.

Featuring wooden floors, air conditioning, storage space, full length mirrors, and modern sound systems, the Salsabor dance studios are suitable for regular dance classes, rehearsals, yoga classes, Pilates mat classes, ballet classes, martial arts classes, photo shoots, filming, social community events, fitness classes, and workshops.


Studio One with Reception Desk and Facilities for a Solo Business Owner

Studio one with its reception area and huge open space would be ideal for a solo business owner, such as a trainer, teacher or coach, who also wants plenty of room to hold workshops, classes and seminars.

Imagine having a dedicated space in the city where your clients can meet with you after work or during work hours without them having to drive anywhere. This could be the next step your business has been calling for.

Or perhaps a break from working from home everyday where you find yourself distracted by the dishes and clothes pile waiting to be done.

In this bright and airy space you have plenty or room to move and also have a desk, landline, WiFi, and printer included. All you need is your laptop.

Bring your business into the city with Salsabor

Studio Two and Facilities for Small Businesses and Groups

Studio Two is ideal for small businesses and groups that need a space to run workshops, classes and events. As well as its bright and cheery walls, it has a small kitchenette and a barre (not pictured) for ballet teachers.

Bring a new edge to your business by providing your clients or students with events in the city.

Bring your business into the city with Salsabor

Studio One is available to hire from 6am to 5.45pm Monday to Thursday and any time Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Studio Two is available to hire all day Monday to Wednesday starting 27 September.

If you are interested in hiring one of the spaces, please complete our easy online enquiry form and we will contact you to arrange a viewing of the facilities and answer any of your questions.

Alternatively you can contact the studio at info@salsabor.com.au.