The Latin rhythms are intoxicating, the dancers seemingly one as they move around the dance floor, all you want to do is get up and dance but you don’t. You think you don’t have enough moves and feel a little self-conscious.

Our Bridging the Gap Workshop on this weekend will change all that. No longer do you need to feel self-conscious dancing in a social setting.

“Sometimes it takes someone a very long time to think they have ‘enough moves’ to be able to enjoy social dancing,” said Salsabor Director, Raquel.

Bridge the gap to social dance with Salsabor

Raquel and her brother Ale hitting the dance floor.

“The truth is that even if you have only completed one term of classes, you are ready to hit the social dance floor.”

This workshop is designed for all levels of dancers although beginners are especially welcome. It will give students the confidence to make that leap and give them the tools they need to enjoy social dancing.

After all, social dancing is the basis of why people start dancing in the first place, like in the scenario above.

“For me, it was watching dancers who I was in awe of, that made me think ‘I really want to be able to dance like that’,” Raquel said.

“I took lessons, but it wasn’t until I started social dancing that I really began to see how quickly it improved my dancing.”

“It was then that I became obsessed with dancing and my one night out to practice quickly became three sometimes four.”

“It wasn’t just that my social dancing was improving, it was the friendships and community of dancers that trapped me to continue dancing for life.”

The workshop on Saturday will feel like you are in a school classroom. The mirrors will be covered in A4 sheets containing nuggets of gold (the workshop content) for you to refer to throughout the workshop.

Bridge the gap to social dance with Salsabor

There are eight dance commandments that will be covered, with practice after learning each one.

“There will be a lot of theory based content, as well as practice throughout the class, and a dedicated half hour to put everything you have learnt to practice,” Raquel said.

“This workshop has been run at Salsabor since 2014, and beginner to intermediate students have told us how beneficial it was for their dancing and confidence. So if you are thinking of making the leap to the social floor, or you have but lack confidence and want to know how to improve your experience, you should come along.”

If you are a current student and you re-enroll and pay for your Term 3 classes before tomorrow Friday, 12 May you can come along for free!
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Bridging the Gap
Saturday 13 May 2017
11 am to 1 pm
Salsabor Dance Studio
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Happy dancing everyone.
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