It all started with a body roll for this couple at Salsabor. She was an instructor and he a student. He was so impressed by hers that he had to ask her out for a drink. Completely understandable.

The instructor was our very own Co-Director, Andrea, and the student was Jake. “Yes, I was naughty and dated a student but when it’s meant to be, it will be,” Andrea said.

“I was teaching the class how to do the body roll and Jake was very impressed with mine, so he invited me out for a drink,” Andrea said.

She loved how he made everyone laugh in class. “He was the class larrikin!” she said. “I’d never met anyone that made everyone around him feel so happy.”

For Jake, it was her mocha-coloured skin and he was convinced she “was fascinated with my cooking skills.”

Love from a body roll at Salsabor

Although there was instant attraction, they were friends first and took their time over six months to get to know each other better.

“We started spending more time together at the studio and dancing and then we started going out for dinners,” Andrea said.

“We had so much in common and when it was time for Jake to move back to the USA we had to decide what we would do. We just knew what we had was so special, so we made it happen.”

“Once the moons aligned the chemistry was undeniable,” Andrea said.

Love from a body roll at Salsabor

Their relationship blossomed into romance and forever love, with Andrea moving to Minnesota to live with Jake for a few years and, once she’d been granted her visa, marriage.

After a stunning ceremony in Maui they moved back to Australia and Sydney so Andrea could be closer to Salsabor and her family.

Andrea and Jake find love from a body roll at Salsabor

“We danced a Bachata at our wedding, to our song and it was magic,” said Andrea. 

Andrea and Jake find love from a body roll at Salsabor

There were body rolls…

Andrea and Jake find love from a body roll at Salsabor

And running when an unexpected guest showed up.

It has truly been an international relationship with a lot of travel and adventure, things they both love.

Although they don’t dance together as much now as when they first met, they cannot deny that dance has been central to their relationship.

“Dance has been such a huge influence,” Andrea said. “It was what bought us together, attracted us to each other and many of our friends have been from the dance community.”

Andrea and Jake find love from a body roll at Salsabor

When asked how dance has influenced the relationship, Jake replied, “body rolls in public…” with a smile. Then adds, “Dance has allowed us to go out and socialise with lots of new people and expand our friend group.” Friendships, which are incredibly important to them both.

Dance brought them together and will no doubt stay with them forever. The ultimate take away? Never underestimate the power of a dance move to find love!


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