We all love having a great butt, right? Who doesn’t? A firm bum is great. It’s the getting it that can sometimes put you off from doing the work to make it happen.

But what if doing the work was fun, improved your dancing and gave you your best butt ever?

‘Where do I sign up?’ you’re probably asking. I know I am. Let me tell you, it’s not a pipe dream. You can have the cake and eat it too for once.

Do you remember the Skeleton Dance song? Your foot bone’s connected to your leg bone, your leg bone’s connected to your knee bone, and so on.

It’s kind of similar for your muscles. The muscles in your butt, called your gluteals, as well as being the biggest muscles in your body, they also connect, straighten and align all the other muscles in your core to give you a stronger base and strengthen and protect your spine.

This stronger base leads to firmer footing and greater balance when you dance. This is how your best butt will lead to your best dancing.

And Barre Attack starting on Monday for a 10-week term will give you that best butt while having a ball.

You have six time-slots each week to choose from and you can book in right now.

Monday at 5.10-6.05pm
Tuesday at 6.10-7.05pm
Wednesday at 12.15pm-1.00pm or 6.10-7.05pm
Thursday at 5.10pm-6.05pm
Saturday at 10.20pm-11.15am

“Our Barre classes were so popular last term that they sold out!” Andrea, Co-Director of Salsabor and a Barre Attack instructor, said. “We’ve added in more classes to cater to everyone.”

Your best butt ever through Barre

Andrea knows how to get you your best butt

So what exactly is involved in a Barre class?

Picture ballet moves, without the ballet shoes or tutus (unless you’re dying to wear one and who isn’t?), throw on some leggings and a tank top or t-shirt, mix in some pilates, a wooden barre to lean on, maybe some dumbbells, definitely some hot Latin rhythms and a whole lot of fun.

This is Barre at Salsabor.

Your best butt ever with Barre at Salsabor

Kat, Andrea and Jess working on their butts

It is all about getting lean and fit, feeling fabulous and having fun and becoming an even better dancer.

No previous experience in pilates or ballet required. Only a sense of fun and willingness to challenge yourself. And modifications are provided for the different stages you’re at. Like all of the classes at Salsabor.

You also have four fantastic instructors to choose from.

Andrea, the co-director of Salsabor, fell in love with Barre while living in Minneapolis (USA) and upon her return to Australia became a certified instructor in 2014.

“I’ve never felt stronger in my body since starting Barre,” Andrea said. “As a dancer this was amazingly rewarding. I’m able to move quicker, with more ease and a lot more stamina.”

Jess loves Barre and believes it is a wonderful compliment to dancing. “For me, it makes dancing Samba easier and I’m faster, stronger and fitter because of Barre,” She said.

“I’ve also noticed some really positive changes to my physique since starting the classes and am looking forward to using Barre to help me get back into shape after the arrival of Baby No 2!”

Best butt ever through Barre with Salsabor

Now stretch! Jess showing us how to use the Barre.

Kat is a qualified Barre instructor with a love of dancing she discovered early in life. Kat is classically trained in ballet, tap and jazz, and so is a natural teacher in Barre.

“I love connecting my ballet with my love of Latin dancing through Barre,” She said.

Hayley is the resident pocket rocket and her energy shines out of her during her Barre classes. She literally jumped at the chance to become a qualified Barre Attack instructor when she joined the Salsabor team in February this year.

“I felt that Barre classes would be the perfect compliment to my other love in teaching Zumba classes,” She said. “It has also allowed me to cross a vital bridge in my journey towards becoming a certified Group Fitness Instructor, which is only of more benefit to my amazing students.”

This is what a participant had to say about Hayley’s Barre class last term.

My favourite class is Hayley’s Thursday 5:10 Barre class, her energy and positivity is consistent and she always challenges us – Narita Prieto

Bringing it all together 

All four instructors love teaching Barre and believe it is the ultimate way to get your best butt ever while becoming a better dancer and having fun.

They can’t wait for you to join them next week for term two either casually for $22.00 per class or $166.00 for the term.

Not sure which one to choose? Weekly classes are recommended to help you improve consistently and the casual classes are ideal for anyone who has sporadic schedules. Even attending on and off you’ll still be able to easily follow the routine.

Ready to book?

Here are those times and dates again.

Monday at 5.10-6.05pm
Tuesday at 6.10-7.05pm
Wednesday at 12.15pm-1.00pm or 6.10-7.05pm
Thursday at 5.10pm-6.05pm
Saturday at 10.20pm-11.15am


See you all in class!