You love dance so much that you wish that you immerse yourself in it 24/7. Well, guess what? Now you can with Salsabor Socialites, a special private Facebook group made just for our Salsabor students, friends and Latin lovers alike.

The Salsabor Socialites is your social hub online. “It is a place to connect with other friendly faces when you want to hit the various dance parties,” said Amit one of the Socialites founders and a Salsabor instructor.

Get social at Salsabor

“Most people come to Latin dance classes alone to learn new skills, with an added interest in making new friends… so our hope is that this page makes that easier.”

“It is also a place for all the Salsabor directors, teachers, students and the wider Latin dancing community to communicate with each other when they’re not in class or at a live event.”

Get social at Salsabor

Virtual group hug!

Anything posted to this page, be it the wall content, photos and event RSVPs, are only visible to group members. The source of your late nights (and dark circles under your eyes) need only be known by you and your Salsabor family!

And as we are first and foremost a welcoming community, as a member, you can invite in as many Latin dancing lovers and friends you would like to welcome into our family.

“We only do this (keep the group private) to keep spammers and advertisers out of our playground,” said Amit.

“As a group member you can also post or comment on the wall any time you like, so please go loco with anything Latin dancing, music, or culture related.”

Wondering how you can join this fantastic group? Head to our Socialites Facebook group and ask to join. It’s as simple as that.

Can’t wait to see you in the group. Keep on dancing!

 Get social with Salsabor